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Community needs a smarter solution to marijuana penalties

Perhaps one day our community will see the value in not incarcerating people for the nonviolent use of a drug that has either been legalized or decriminalized in the majority of U.S. states. Nov. 03, 4:56 PM

What the Coweta County School System got right

The school system has kept its students fully in frame during an unprecedented crisis, despite some sharp criticism. Sep. 18, 5:57 PM

Journalism Sustainability Act benefits readers, community

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is designed to offer tax credits for subscribers of The Newnan Times-Herald (or any other qualifying newspaper) of up to $250 per year. Jul. 28, 5:44 PM

Respect for community, message at core of Newnan protests

Look below the surface of those protesting in Newnan, and you’ll find a foundation of respect – not only for our town, but most importantly, for the message. Jun. 02, 4:16 PM

NTH is backing local businesses

If you believe in the power of local business and community journalism, help us support our community. A rising tide lifts all boats. May. 15, 3:17 PM

Letters To The Editor

Lawrence Burns

How much longer?

If the President still insists on continuing on his same destructive path, then they can proceed to stop this chaos with the 25th Amendment. Nov. 24, 4:37 PM

Kathy Weed

Concerned with overworked EMT’s

I'm very concerned about Coweta's firefighters, paramedics and EMT's. Nov. 20, 4:18 PM

Lawrence Burns

Well Done, America

Well, there you have it. Under very trying circumstances, the American people went to the polls and conducted a presidential election. Nov. 18, 6:26 PM

Walter Krauth

Tier system impacts protected groups

Despite the tier system being a well-intended conversation policy, it should be considered discrimination (systemic racism or disparate impact), for it causes a disproportionate impact upon a protected group. Nov. 13, 3:54 PM

Steve Swope

Baseless election fraud charges from local leaders regrettable

It is time that we as Americans treat one another with a little more respect and dignity. Nov. 09, 5:42 PM

Jim Watkins

The United States is no longer

We are not great and will not be until we come together, and elect true leaders in Congress and the Presidency who will work for all citizens. Oct. 30, 3:35 PM

Norma Haynes

What’s wrong with this picture?

Just imagine how many people could be helped and hungry children fed with the money that these politicians spend on pulling their opponents down, and that is all that I have witnessed in these senseless ads. Oct. 20, 3:07 PM

Sara Jane Skinner

Trammell is a hands-on legislator

Constituents just need to contact Bob, talk with him, discuss their needs as individuals. Oct. 20, 3:07 PM

Cole McSpadden

All invited to ‘Walk in Unity’

We Invite ALL parts of our diverse community to Walk in Unity with us, while we observe all health guidelines. Oct. 16, 3:58 PM

A poor precedent on Poplar

What a shame for the taxpayers of Coweta County that the commissioners did not look at their own five-year plan. Oct. 08, 8:38 AM

An ‘Especial’ Thanksgiving

Clay Neely

An ‘Especial’ Thanksgiving

It’s a year like no other, but I can think of no other time when auditing our gratitude is crucial. Nov. 24, 4:20 PM

The Mice That Roared

Lawrence W. Reed

The Mice That Roared

By relieving individuals of challenges, which then deprives them of purpose, the welfare state is an unnatural and antisocial contrivance. Nov. 24, 4:40 PM

Respecting old glory

W.J. Butcher

Respecting old glory

Personally, I think some of our fellow citizens have a moral compass that spins so fast they could use it as a box fan. Nov. 24, 4:39 PM

Several Days In November: How you can save the USA

John A. Tures

Several Days In November: How you can save the USA

This is no drill or joking matter. Everything’s at stake this month. Nov. 23, 3:53 PM

Federal wish-list should raise eyebrows

Marc Hyden

Federal wish-list should raise eyebrows

If the Biden presidency is nearly as audacious as FDR’s, then Schumer’s cavalier wish-list may become a reality. Nov. 23, 8:55 AM

COVID: Past time for Georgia local governments to act

Jack Bernard

COVID: Past time for Georgia local governments to act

I would rather be wrong than have a virus spike. Nov. 23, 8:48 AM


Alex McRae


I figured if D.C. residents were under the influence of psychedelic substances, most of us wouldn’t even notice the difference Nov. 20, 4:20 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

This pandemic is creating havoc with my family traditions AND my emotions! Nov. 20, 4:20 PM

Coffee with Mr. McRae

Toby Nix

Coffee with Mr. McRae

I don’t understand coffee shops. I don’t have anything against them, I just don’t get what the fuss is all about. Nov. 20, 6:05 PM

Giving Thanks 2020

David L. Chancey

Giving Thanks 2020

James Allen said, “No duty is more urgent than giving thanks.” Nov. 19, 3:06 PM

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