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Lack of FEMA transparency demoralizing to community

Last weekend, many residents watched 4th of July fireworks from properties still uninhabitable or beyond repair. Jul. 06, 3:56 PM

How to help

How to help

Right now, it appears the major need for our community is money. So where can you send it? Apr. 13, 6:16 PM

Still #NewnanStrong

Perhaps the lasting legacy that will come from last week’s EF4 tornado will be the community spirit of Newnan residents is alive and well and, come hell or high water, will always be #NewnanStrong. Apr. 02, 2:21 PM

Community support lifts first responders

Ultimately what the crisis really exposed was how our community responded, and it was overwhelmingly positive. Apr. 02, 2:39 PM

Brown's Mill expansion, a golden opportunity for Coweta's future

As we look to the future, the county has a golden opportunity to provide a birthright to future generations of residents who understand and appreciate the power of nature. Feb. 16, 8:24 PM

Letters To The Editor

Lawrence Burns

Vaccine Hesitancy

A healthy dose of classical republicanism, in the form of vaccinations, would allow us to triumph over COVID-19. Jul. 23, 2:26 PM

Paula L. Ercolini

Support legislation to help biopharmaceutical companies

On March 22, 2020, my husband was the first patient in Piedmont Newnan Hospital to die of COVID-19, and the 26th in the state of Georgia. Jul. 20, 5:45 PM

Gary L. Teal

Shaw Road speeders a concern for new middle school

We don’t need a tragedy that can be avoided if drivers will just obey the speed limit and use caution near the schools. Jul. 16, 1:46 PM

Dr. Gene Tyre

It’s time

This is one way of honoring the commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Jul. 14, 8:37 AM

Bill Boyd

Ferguson parroting GOP talking points

I wish he would be honest with us instead of passing out propaganda. Jul. 09, 2:27 PM

Tom Thomason

Time to change our priorities

It’s time to cut military spending and apply our tax dollars to rebuilding our infrastructure and providing a viable healthcare system for our citizens. Jul. 09, 2:26 PM

Alan Brady

No Need To Fear The Constitution

Who would have thought such a mild statement of support by our local government would be so controversial? Jun. 29, 3:52 PM

Chief Douglas (Buster) Meadows & Mary Lynn

Meadows legacy of faith, love and respect for city, citizens

Thank you for a wonderful 48 years, and thanks to Almighty God for giving us this great opportunity and blessing! Jun. 25, 3:37 PM

What are 'We The People' afraid of losing?

I hear some people are worried that their Constitutional Rights are in danger and want to make Coweta County a Constitutional Rights Sanctuary. Jun. 23, 3:05 PM

Cancel culture erases another monument

I honeymooned in Sante Fe, New Mexico. This city is noteworthy for many reasons but it is the answer to two questions that will win you free drinks in a trivia contest. Jun. 18, 8:21 PM

Whistle Stopping

Alex McRae

Whistle Stopping

A visit to Juliette and the Whistle Stop Cafe delivers not just fond memories but a momentary escape from worldly woes that can darken anyone’s day. Jul. 23, 2:30 PM

Questions and Answers

Steve Cothran

Questions and Answers

I still think about those 2 kids and pray that, like the disciple Peter, their faith has been restored and their courage renewed to follow even when the path becomes difficult. Jul. 23, 2:28 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

I can’t believe the number of people who are on their phones during church. Jul. 23, 2:06 PM

Me, myself and us

Toby Nix

Me, myself and us

Anything we do in this profession that is successful takes a team – a team committed to success. Jul. 22, 5:09 PM

Can churches become fishers of men and women again?

John A. Tures

Can churches become fishers of men and women again?

You never know who or what you’ll catch when you cast your nets in a new direction. Jul. 22, 2:18 PM

Adventures in impermanence

Clay Neely

Adventures in impermanence

I keep hearing about Disneyland as the “happiest place on earth,” but I’m pretty sure it can’t compete with reading a book in bed on a rainy night. Jul. 22, 6:22 AM

Destruction is NOT a Blessing

Lawrence W. Reed

Destruction is NOT a Blessing

Now that the 2021 hurricane season is well underway, expect a very dumb idea to make multiple reappearances. Jul. 20, 6:19 PM

Papers Please … Papers Please

W.J. Butcher

Papers Please … Papers Please

The truth is out there. It's just sometimes hard to find, or believe when you hear it. Jul. 20, 6:20 PM

Home on the Range: Golf is Hard – Part 8

Scott Ludwig

Home on the Range: Golf is Hard – Part 8

18 holes of golf is nothing but a 4- or 5-mile version of the game you play in the back yard with your dog. Jul. 20, 6:09 PM

FDA must consider public health when determining the future of e-cigarettes

Marc Hyden

FDA must consider public health when determining the future of e-cigarettes

Banning proven methods that reduce harm would be a grave mistake with serious consequences. Jul. 20, 9:54 AM

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