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What the Coweta County School System got right

The school system has kept its students fully in frame during an unprecedented crisis, despite some sharp criticism. Sep. 18, 5:57 PM

Journalism Sustainability Act benefits readers, community

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is designed to offer tax credits for subscribers of The Newnan Times-Herald (or any other qualifying newspaper) of up to $250 per year. Jul. 28, 5:44 PM

Respect for community, message at core of Newnan protests

Look below the surface of those protesting in Newnan, and you’ll find a foundation of respect – not only for our town, but most importantly, for the message. Jun. 02, 4:16 PM

NTH is backing local businesses

If you believe in the power of local business and community journalism, help us support our community. A rising tide lifts all boats. May. 15, 3:17 PM

Community support ensures accurate, timely COVID-19 stories

In the last week, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support from those who have donated to our COVID-19 news fund or began subscribing Apr. 08, 3:36 PM

Letters To The Editor

Norma Haynes

What’s wrong with this picture?

Just imagine how many people could be helped and hungry children fed with the money that these politicians spend on pulling their opponents down, and that is all that I have witnessed in these senseless ads. Oct. 20, 3:07 PM

Sara Jane Skinner

Trammell is a hands-on legislator

Constituents just need to contact Bob, talk with him, discuss their needs as individuals. Oct. 20, 3:07 PM

Cole McSpadden

All invited to ‘Walk in Unity’

We Invite ALL parts of our diverse community to Walk in Unity with us, while we observe all health guidelines. Oct. 16, 3:58 PM

A poor precedent on Poplar

What a shame for the taxpayers of Coweta County that the commissioners did not look at their own five-year plan. Oct. 08, 8:38 AM

Addie Cortez

Excessive homework counterproductive to learning

Giving too much homework can increase stress, reduce sleep time, and even lead to students cheating. Oct. 08, 8:37 AM

Lawrence Burns

The perils of voting in 2020

Whether you plan on voting Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Write-in, please make sure you vote. Sep. 29, 5:43 PM

Mike Wood

Extend brotherhood in war and peace

I always believed that small towns had a reputation as friendly and welcoming, Newnan has that, Post 57 does not at all. Sep. 23, 1:18 PM

Jacqueline Miller

Protect people with dementia from elder abuse

Congressman Drew Ferguson can improve elder abuse training to specifically include dementia. Sep. 17, 9:45 PM

Rick Bevington

Take responsibility

You are being selfish and I hope it isn’t your spouse or grandparent who has to suffer for you to realize that and take some personal responsibility. Sep. 17, 9:44 PM

Cole McSpadden

Why I March

We all have one life to live... we might as well use it doing our small part to create a more perfect union like those before did for us. Sep. 17, 9:43 PM

The gift of giving

The gift of giving

People need people. Even stubborn Neanderthals. Oct. 23, 6:37 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

“Miss Pearl,” aka Colleen Sprayberry, is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette. Oct. 23, 6:35 PM

Born to lead

Born to lead

He never asked for anything but a roof over his head and enough food to get him through the day. Oct. 23, 6:28 PM

The gift of giving

Toby Nix

The gift of giving

I’m Southern. There is no better way to show someone you love them than to give them food. Oct. 22, 4:05 PM

Herd Immunity: The “Human Wave Attack” Of Pandemics

John A. Tures

Herd Immunity: The “Human Wave Attack” Of Pandemics

There are many ways to deal with a threat. Oct. 21, 3:32 PM

Three Weeks into October

Scott Ludwig

Three Weeks into October

Thirty-five years ago today your mother and I brought you into this world. More than anything, we wish you could still be here with us. Oct. 21, 3:28 PM

The Full Story of Diamond Jim

Lawrence W. Reed

The Full Story of Diamond Jim

By what criteria should we judge people of the past? Their strengths alone? Only their foibles? A few select moments? Or by the fullness of their lives? Oct. 21, 2:41 PM

To be the sad fan, behind blue eyes...

Clay Neely

To be the sad fan, behind blue eyes...

‘Tis better to have playoff-ed and lost. Than never to have playoff-ed at all. Oct. 20, 1:55 PM

Potential over performance

W.J. Butcher

Potential over performance

​A few heartfelt thoughts about the recent changing of the guard at our dear old Atlanta Falcons. Oct. 20, 3:05 PM

Science versus superstition and the 2020 election

Jack Bernard

Science versus superstition and the 2020 election

In 2020, Trump is cynically running for reelection on an anti-science platform. Oct. 19, 10:50 AM

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