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Still #NewnanStrong

Perhaps the lasting legacy that will come from last week’s EF4 tornado will be the community spirit of Newnan residents is alive and well and, come hell or high water, will always be #NewnanStrong. Apr. 02, 2:21 PM

Community support lifts first responders

Ultimately what the crisis really exposed was how our community responded, and it was overwhelmingly positive. Apr. 02, 2:39 PM

Brown's Mill expansion, a golden opportunity for Coweta's future

As we look to the future, the county has a golden opportunity to provide a birthright to future generations of residents who understand and appreciate the power of nature. Feb. 16, 8:24 PM

Community needs a smarter solution to marijuana penalties

Perhaps one day our community will see the value in not incarcerating people for the nonviolent use of a drug that has either been legalized or decriminalized in the majority of U.S. states. Nov. 03, 4:56 PM

What the Coweta County School System got right

The school system has kept its students fully in frame during an unprecedented crisis, despite some sharp criticism. Sep. 18, 5:57 PM

Letters To The Editor

Tracey E. Pitts

#Newnan Strong

I am praying for your strength and courage as you rebuild your homes, replace your cars, rebuild schools, and restore your church steeples. Apr. 09, 6:27 PM

Barbara Waites

Reader thankful for tornado coverage

Kudos to Clay and Beth Neely and The Newnan Times-Herald staff for their hard work in getting the paper out on March 27 Apr. 09, 10:20 AM

I Still Believe

Tom Freeman

I Still Believe

Whatever “they” say about the demise of our country, I say look at people helping people in Newnan, Georgia. Apr. 07, 1:49 PM

Bill Boyd

Congressman Ferguson plays loose with the truth

Rep. Ferguson is quick to parrot the talking points his party leadership gives him. Apr. 06, 4:48 PM

Phyllis Graham

Tree Wisdom

We have lost a profound sense of place Apr. 06, 10:46 AM

Bo Wren

Blue Roof Gang

I am encouraged to think the communal fabric of Newnan will be stronger than before for the tornado. I am proud to call Newnan home and look forward to raising my children in this community. Apr. 05, 10:05 AM

Steve Guello

Legislature needs to create a 'ban on the bans'

Bans on the ability to rent properties on a short-term basis are an outrageous taking of private property rights. Apr. 02, 2:24 PM

Charles Carter

Observations and conversations after the tornado

When broken, we continue to hold each other up as we move to make things whole. Apr. 02, 2:20 PM

Steve Guello

Legislature Needs To Create a ‘Ban on the Bans’

Bans on the ability to rent properties on a short-term basis are an outrageous taking of private property rights Mar. 31, 10:48 AM

New city property a great fit for Coweta Museum

As plans are discussed for the use of that valued property, I would be so grateful if some consideration could be given to including a museum which Newnan and all of Coweta County could be proud of. Mar. 23, 3:44 PM

Is Rep. Ferguson really a fiscal conservative?

Jack Bernard

Is Rep. Ferguson really a fiscal conservative?

During the Trump era, Ferguson voted for every major GOP proposed spending bill Apr. 12, 11:24 AM

With justice reform, think big

Marc Hyden

With justice reform, think big

Rather than relying on incarceration, officials should explore further expanding the use of community supervision in lieu of prison time and ensure that minor supervisory infractions don’t unnecessarily result in imprisonment. Apr. 12, 9:16 AM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

How can we ever thank the friends and strangers who showed up out of nowhere to help us after the tornado? Apr. 09, 6:25 PM

Truth Decay

Scott Ludwig

Truth Decay

I’m afraid of three things: heights, losing a loved one and being locked up for something I didn’t do. Apr. 09, 3:51 PM

Covid weary, but faith helps us press on

David L. Chancey

Covid weary, but faith helps us press on

How do we press on in troubled times, whether it’s a pandemic or the loss of a loved one? A financial crisis or a family tragedy? Apr. 09, 3:49 PM

Risky Business

Alex McRae

Risky Business

When disaster strikes, many of us can’t do our jobs until the utility crews do theirs. They never let us down. Apr. 09, 10:19 AM

Ye reap what ye sow in corporation power

John A. Tures

Ye reap what ye sow in corporation power

This is a clear case of chickens coming home to roost, as the GOP once cheered the Supreme Court ruling almost 11 years ago that paved the way for big business power in politics. Apr. 07, 1:56 PM

Grand Slam Stupid

W.J. Butcher

Grand Slam Stupid

Why can’t corporate America treat the threat of boycott with a simple, “No comment,” instead of a cowering submission to take direction from evil extortionists? Apr. 06, 5:00 PM

The healing power of helping

Clay Neely

The healing power of helping

I procrastinated my column this week because, frankly, I’d rather hear from so many other people besides myself. Apr. 06, 5:55 PM

Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful Performer!

Lawrence W. Reed

Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful Performer!

When he died in 1971, fellow Jazz great Duke Ellington said of him, “He was born poor, died rich and never hurt anyone along the way.” Apr. 06, 4:51 PM

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