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Community needs a smarter solution to marijuana penalties

Perhaps one day our community will see the value in not incarcerating people for the nonviolent use of a drug that has either been legalized or decriminalized in the majority of U.S. states. Nov. 03, 4:56 PM

What the Coweta County School System got right

The school system has kept its students fully in frame during an unprecedented crisis, despite some sharp criticism. Sep. 18, 5:57 PM

Journalism Sustainability Act benefits readers, community

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is designed to offer tax credits for subscribers of The Newnan Times-Herald (or any other qualifying newspaper) of up to $250 per year. Jul. 28, 5:44 PM

Respect for community, message at core of Newnan protests

Look below the surface of those protesting in Newnan, and you’ll find a foundation of respect – not only for our town, but most importantly, for the message. Jun. 02, 4:16 PM

NTH is backing local businesses

If you believe in the power of local business and community journalism, help us support our community. A rising tide lifts all boats. May. 15, 3:17 PM

Letters To The Editor

Tim Echols

The Bubba Effect

Of the three Republicans on the January 5th run-off ballot, only PSC Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald survived. Jan. 23, 9:58 AM

Lawrence Burns

Our Long National Nightmare . . .

It should be made abundantly clear to our elected representatives that we expect them to take their oath of office seriously. Jan. 24, 7:24 PM

Dennis Thompson

Tax-exempt ‘house church’ not a workaround

I am proud to claim Dr. Pearl as my friend and hope she can find some way to continue her ministry. Jan. 19, 3:07 PM

Ken Bennett

School board member using platform to promote political beliefs

Although Ms. Menk has the right to support her political party, I question again her decision to use public forums to once more express her support for opinions opposed to the vision and purpose of the Coweta County School System. Jan. 19, 3:06 PM

Carl Stokoe

Support law and order, not false prophets

If she is listening to God, perhaps she should focus on Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves." Jan. 19, 3:01 PM

Spencer Lewis

School board member's attendance at D.C. rally crosses line

We cannot allow the children of our county to grow up thinking that her actions that day have no consequences and are permissible. Jan. 15, 8:22 AM

Gordon Kilgore

Piedmont Newnan Hospital a bright light in Coweta County

Let me say that yes there is much to lament about in this world, but it is not at Newnan Piedmont Hospital in Newnan, Georgia. Jan. 13, 2:07 PM

Pat Craven

Election questions

I sincerely hope the legislature will consider changing the absentee ballot rules. Mail-in ballots are a real joke. Jan. 12, 6:50 PM

Lawrence Burns

Words Really Do Matter

The world looked on and lamented the assault on democracy that was taking place in the world’s greatest democracy. Jan. 07, 2:37 PM

Scott Ludwig

There are no words

What was supposed to be a day to validate the election of a new administration transformed into one of shame and disgrace for the one currently in office. Jan. 07, 2:35 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

My 78-year-old daddy recently traded in his Oldsmobile for a convertible sports car and Mama can’t even get in or out of the car because of her bad knees. Jan. 22, 4:40 PM

The Big Show

Alex McRae

The Big Show

Take COVID out of the equation and 2020 was a walk in the park compared to the worst year in my personal history. Jan. 22, 4:41 PM

Running the gauntlet

Toby Nix

Running the gauntlet

​This past week has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions. Jan. 22, 8:56 AM

From Operation “Warp Speed” to “Full Stop” on vaccine distribution

John A. Tures

From Operation “Warp Speed” to “Full Stop” on vaccine distribution

Operation Warp Speed has been an end-of-the-year disaster while vaccine distribution has been woefully lagging, a fact that has generated bipartisan concern. Jan. 21, 10:42 AM

More insight, less incite

Clay Neely

More insight, less incite

If we want a better 2021, it’s not going to be a vaccine or politician that fixes things. It’s up to us. Jan. 21, 9:17 AM

Work Unto The Lord

W.J. Butcher

Work Unto The Lord

Remember, we are all God’s children. Some good, some bad, and those we refuse to believe are related to us at all. Jan. 19, 2:59 PM

The Religious Magna Carta of the New World

Lawrence W. Reed

The Religious Magna Carta of the New World

Today, the Flushing Remonstrance is known as “the religious Magna Carta of the New World”. Jan. 19, 2:57 PM

The rise of right-wing extremism in the USA

Jack Bernard

The rise of right-wing extremism in the USA

The elections are over; our nation will now need to learn and heal. Jan. 18, 9:47 AM

I got 230 problems, but Trump ain’t one

Marc Hyden

I got 230 problems, but Trump ain’t one

Just because we do not personally like how specific companies operate doesn’t mean that the best answer is to empower Congress to bludgeon private business into some form of compliance. Jan. 18, 9:40 AM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

There is a reason why women, not men, get pregnant. Men simply couldn’t handle it. Jan. 17, 12:43 PM

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