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How to help

How to help

Right now, it appears the major need for our community is money. So where can you send it? Apr. 13, 6:16 PM

Still #NewnanStrong

Perhaps the lasting legacy that will come from last week’s EF4 tornado will be the community spirit of Newnan residents is alive and well and, come hell or high water, will always be #NewnanStrong. Apr. 02, 2:21 PM

Community support lifts first responders

Ultimately what the crisis really exposed was how our community responded, and it was overwhelmingly positive. Apr. 02, 2:39 PM

Brown's Mill expansion, a golden opportunity for Coweta's future

As we look to the future, the county has a golden opportunity to provide a birthright to future generations of residents who understand and appreciate the power of nature. Feb. 16, 8:24 PM

Community needs a smarter solution to marijuana penalties

Perhaps one day our community will see the value in not incarcerating people for the nonviolent use of a drug that has either been legalized or decriminalized in the majority of U.S. states. Nov. 03, 4:56 PM

Letters To The Editor

Pat Burns

Stand tall

We should wake up each morning and look forward, not backward. The past is in the past. May. 06, 10:52 AM

A will to do the exceptional …

Chris Doane

A will to do the exceptional …

Do we have the will to encourage our local leaders to pursue opportunities and funding for greenspace? Apr. 27, 4:18 PM

Taylor Drake

Tornado victims deserve fair compensation for loss of value

I hope this information may be helpful to the people who had insured property damaged by the tornado a few weeks ago. Apr. 16, 3:42 PM

Cole McSpadden

All are welcome to be #NewnanStrong

I truly hope that we learn the lessons that this storm has to teach us because I would hate to see another one. Next time, our town may not be so lucky. Apr. 14, 5:26 PM

Tracey E. Pitts

#Newnan Strong

I am praying for your strength and courage as you rebuild your homes, replace your cars, rebuild schools, and restore your church steeples. Apr. 09, 6:27 PM

Barbara Waites

Reader thankful for tornado coverage

Kudos to Clay and Beth Neely and The Newnan Times-Herald staff for their hard work in getting the paper out on March 27 Apr. 09, 10:20 AM

I Still Believe

Tom Freeman

I Still Believe

Whatever “they” say about the demise of our country, I say look at people helping people in Newnan, Georgia. Apr. 07, 1:49 PM

Bill Boyd

Congressman Ferguson plays loose with the truth

Rep. Ferguson is quick to parrot the talking points his party leadership gives him. Apr. 06, 4:48 PM

Phyllis Graham

Tree Wisdom

We have lost a profound sense of place Apr. 06, 10:46 AM

Bo Wren

Blue Roof Gang

I am encouraged to think the communal fabric of Newnan will be stronger than before for the tornado. I am proud to call Newnan home and look forward to raising my children in this community. Apr. 05, 10:05 AM

I ran

Clay Neely

I ran

I raise a toast to all the other late bloomers who eventually figured out the same thing. May. 11, 2:57 PM

Pay phone to Heaven

W.J. Butcher

Pay phone to Heaven

Unfortunately, there is no pay phone to Heaven, but that dang cell phone of yours is begging to call a friend today. May. 11, 2:52 PM

The First Woman Mayor

Lawrence W. Reed

The First Woman Mayor

In April 1887, a woman was elected mayor of a city for the very first time and under the strangest of circumstances. May. 11, 2:49 PM

Dead Solid Perfect

Scott Ludwig

Dead Solid Perfect

While the rest of the country was engaged in the Summer of Love, I was introduced to something that would consume my life for the better part of a decade. May. 11, 2:47 PM

Passing the buck on Atlanta’s crime

Marc Hyden

Passing the buck on Atlanta’s crime

After another tragic week, Atlanta can no longer ignore the increasing crime that has unfortunately become the norm. May. 10, 1:47 PM

The greatest teacher appreciation gifts ever

John A. Tures

The greatest teacher appreciation gifts ever

Here’s something teachers really, really love: an “A” game in the classroom and on assignments from their students. May. 07, 8:40 AM

Tall Tales

Alex McRae

Tall Tales

When I interview people before writing their life stories I’m amazed at how casually they mention something that turns me inside out. May. 07, 8:38 AM

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

My days as a business owner may be coming to an end because I can’t get any help. No one seems to want a job. May. 06, 10:58 AM

Hug 'em if you got 'em

Toby Nix

Hug 'em if you got 'em

​My son asked me last night what I was getting my wife for Mother’s Day. I replied, “Uh oh, is Mother’s Day this Sunday?” to which he said yes. May. 06, 4:43 PM

Let’s hear it for hands-on moms

David L. Chancey

Let’s hear it for hands-on moms

Proverbs 31:28, speaking of the woman of valor, reads, “Her children rise up and call her blessed.” I’m the one who is blessed to have my Mom. May. 06, 4:59 PM

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