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A Heritage Home Sweep

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jan. 10, 2023 - 3:14 PM

A Heritage Home Sweep

The Newnan Times-Herald

By Laci Johnson /

The Heritage Hawks earned a home sweep on Friday night as both the boys and girls defeated Strong Rock Christian in region matchups. The Varsity Girls' game was a nail biter, with a final score of 23-20, while the varsity boys’ game was not as close, with a final score of 66-34.

After the victories, both teams stood in second place in their region.

The Heritage Varsity Girls played first in a game with the crowd on the edge of their seats. Strong Rock was a suitable competitor for the Lady Hawks, and it is assumed that both teams grew from this game.

The Heritage team is offensively led by senior point guard Jazlyn Mena, junior guard Sara Cushing, junior SG Pass, and senior forward Zofia Smith. Mena moves the ball around the court and takes it to the basket skillfully.

Defensively, senior guard Alex Knight significantly stood out. Knight is a defensive weapon that is not afraid to go for the ball, which is a huge advantage. The Hawks rose to the occasion during this game and defended their home court.

Pass led the Lady Hawks with 12 points and seven rebounds

The varsity boys' game was not as close. Several players’ abilities were shown throughout the game. Junior shooting guard Max Skidmore executes the 3-point shot effortlessly and, more often than not, successfully.

Skidmore has also improved in other areas on the court, making him an incredibly well-rounded player.

This year a new young athlete has been added to the roster. Eighth-grader Kevin Savage is a player to keep an eye on throughout these next few years. Though only in eighth grade, his skill level matches those on varsity. The team works seamlessly together to achieve victories.

Skidmore led the Hawks with 15 points and eight rebounds.

The Hawks will travel to play a region game on Friday night against Westfield Academy in Perry, Georgia.

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Jazlyn Mena (No. 2) maneuvers through traffic to lead the Lady Hawks to a 23-20 victory.


Max Skidmore led the Hawk's offense in their win over Strong Rock with 15 points.

Max Skidmore led the Hawk's offense in their win over Strong Rock with 15 points.jqZbgXwDN3M9-ESRsf7rFcYn3_KyDwmlHi9kWmsvAUCRsqMbRWeE7--yXPTFOQJb7CSv7x70iDrJW31rg7kqH8cwaY628vJfggEA42QrpBPW1NIQWRSOJxBkFgKenl7W3i-lxzrb2felAeHja8w743QCJ09QHxC63_I02AB4wFy5edGc0ORJKU18ujBJSA

Senior post player Demetrius Gibson checked in with a double-double, 11 points, and ten rebounds in the Hawk's victory.