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NTH does not endorse candidates

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Oct. 10, 2022 - 8:13 PM

Recently it was brought to our attention that a campaign mailer endorsing Herschel Walker quoted a headline published in our newspaper regarding the adverse effects of inflation on Georgians.

The Newnan Times-Herald does not endorse any candidates for any elections, as that goes against our policy of neutrality toward all candidates.

We were never contacted or consulted on the use of our headline, but if we had been, we would have been able to attribute the quote to the actual source.

The referenced story was written by T.A. DeFeo, a contributing writer for The Center Square, an American news website that features reporting on state and local government from a conservative perspective. We ran the story in order to offer another viewpoint on the effects of inflation across the U.S.

We looked into the funding source for the campaign mailers, and they were paid for by Americans For Prosperity Action, a conservative super PAC based just up the road in Gwinnett County. The latest reports, filed with the Federal Election Commission at the end of last month, indicate that Americans for Prosperity Action has spent more than $37.5 million to support candidates in federal elections this year.

It cost the PAC nearly $39,000 to produce the flyers supporting Herschel Walker and another $9,000 to mail them. So far, Americans for Prosperity Action has spent more than $3.2 million in 2022 to support the former University of Georgia football star’s Senate run against Raphael Warnock.

Some Cowetans raised the hue and cry in April after receiving federal PAC-funded mailers sent in support of a slate of candidates attempting to “take over” the Coweta County Board of Education. Local voters ultimately decided against all four of those candidates.

National money continues to pour into Georgia in an attempt to influence our elections, as special interest groups push to localize conflict and partisanship that simply does not exist at the same level here as it does on the national stage.

Only our Coweta County residents should have the power to make a difference at the ballot box over issues that affect us directly. Be aware of the source of campaign messages and consider the lack of context provided. These messages are meant to elicit an emotional response that can override voters' most basic common sense.

And don't hesitate to look into the sources for this rage bait. It's not always pretty.

We've got three more weeks of this nonsense, so buckle up. All of us at The NTH are wading through mountains of emails and propaganda on a daily, if not hourly, basis in order to present the basic facts in a well-rounded package.

Hopefully we can help you, our readers, make some sense out of all of this noise.