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What A Subscription Means

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Sep. 09, 2022 - 3:49 PM

Dear Reader,

Since 1865, The Newnan Times-Herald has reported Coweta County’s news with unbiased, nonpartisan journalism to help residents gain awareness and insight into their community so they can make informed decisions that will affect the quality of their lives.

A subscription to The Newnan Times-Herald is about more than gaining unlimited access to our award-winning journalism. It’s about bringing vital information and insight to our rapidly growing community at a time when unbiased, fact-based reporting is more important than ever.

A subscription

enables us carry out our mission of keeping our community informed as continued change threatens the landscape of our county. Coweta’s residents are speaking out and have many questions.

As your newspaper, it’s our duty and pleasure to help answer these questions in a clear and concise fashion.

allows reporters to monitor countless hours of public meetings to highlight major decisions and give our readers the opportunity to stay informed. A clear byproduct of the presence of a good newspaper is a local government that runs transparently, legally and efficiently.

Cowetans have become no strangers to the flurry of rezonings and seemingly nonstop growth. Community involvement is key to managing the stewardship of our county’s land and resources. We make it easy to be prepared by publishing a list of public meeting schedules and the contact information for every elected official with constituents in Coweta.

ensures public notices are run in a timely fashion, letting residents know when they have the guaranteed legal opportunity to speak up and make their opinion count about how their elected representatives perform while in office.

helps us to champion the accomplishments of the thousands of students who make up our school system. It allows us to publish not just the coverage of the numerous athletic events, but the storylines that go beyond the score and reveal the true character of those student-athletes.

allows us to highlight the young men and women who are working hard beyond the walls of the classroom and in their communities through the completion of Eagle Scout projects, contests and performances that showcase their talents, and volunteering opportunities that plant the seeds of civic responsibility.

provides readers with the opportunity to examine crime stats, local restaurant inspections, birth announcements and honor rolls.

helps us achieve our future plans of a revamped, user-friendly website with the ability to easily search our archives.

allows us to help advocate for those in our community whose voices have been lost. The story of Newnan native Mattline Render, a former Olympian who now struggles to maintain her property, has resonated with many in the community.

Because of a “Where are they now?” story, our community members are coming out in force to lift up a local hero who fell on hard times.

The list of unsung heroes within our community is long and full of hope. We cherish the opportunity to seek out and celebrate the stories behind those who make our community such a treasure.

While the majority of our resources focus on the present and future, the past is equally important. Today’s news is tomorrow’s history, and access to the news is a tremendous advantage when preparing for the future.

Each subscription helps make all of this possible.

At The Newnan Times-Herald, we aim to help you navigate and understand our community in all its complexity: its problems and possibilities, its challenges and wonders.

Our work matters. If you value what we do, will you join us as a subscriber?

In a world that’s never been more divisive, the local newspaper strives to serve as the unified voice for its community. A unified voice makes a bigger impact.

For 157 years, we’ve ensured our community is accurately reflected in our pages and stories. We’re not interested in partisan reporting. We’re interested in getting the facts to you, the reader, so you can come to your own conclusions.

For those who have continued to support us in a rapidly changing media landscape, we’re grateful for your faith in our work. Your annual subscription helps us carry out our mission of helping every resident of Coweta County utilize factual information from an unbiased and reliable news source and apply that knowledge to make the community a better place to live.

If you haven’t subscribed, we respectfully ask that you give us a try. If you are a part of this community, you’re a part of us and we’d be grateful for your support.

The Newnan Times-Herald has always been and continues to be consistently committed to Coweta.

Beth and Clay Neely