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Arrest Log: Sept. 19-25

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Sep. 27, 2022 - 2:44 PM

Arrest Log: Sept. 19-25

The Newnan Times-Herald

An arrest constitutes only the initiation of charges, and those arrested are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.

The arresting departments are noted: Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), Chattahoochee Hills Police Department (CHPD), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Coweta Probation (CPRB), Child Support (CLDS), Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), District Court (DC), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Georgia Department of Public Safety (DOPS), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Grantville City Court (GRTV), Grantville Police Department (GPD), Magistrate Court (MAG), Newnan City Court (NWCT), Newnan Police Department (NPD), Newnan Probation (NPRB), Palmetto Police Department (PPD), Department of Community Supervision (PARL), Private Investigator (PRIV), Senoia City Court (SNCT), Senoia Police Department (SPD), State Probation (STPR), Superior Court (SUP), U.S. Marshals (USM), or others.

Violation of probation or parole is listed as VOP, violation of the Georgia controlled substance act is listed as VGCSA, failure to appear is noted as FTA, hold for other agency is listed as HOA, family violence act is listed as FVA, failure to maintain lane is listed as FTML and driving under the influence is abbreviated DUI.

All persons arrested, except those held by orders of the magistrate or those arrested for violation of probation, are released from custody after posting bond or paying a fine.

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted:

Sept. 19

Brown, Jerry, 55 - narcotics possession, NPD

Burks, Love Wyatt, 42 - obstruction of officers, PPD

Chapman, Michael Raymond, 45 - suspended license, safety belts usage, NPD

Holton, Jason Nathaniel, 41 - probation violation, STPR

Kelley, Jeremy David, 33 - probation violation, STPR

Knight, Nicole Denise, 38 - leaving scene of accident with injury/death, FTML, DUI drugs-less safe, GSP

Marquez-Nina, Yan Luis, 23 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Martin, Mia Simone, 18 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Morris, Zedrick Joshua Lee, 25 - probation violation, CPRB

Pogue, William Aaron, 30 - battery, kidnapping, terroristic threats and acts, aggravated stalking, probation violation, CCSO, CPRB

Smith, Kadedra Nicole, 31 - forgery, NPD

Tuttle, Brandon Jay, 39 - driving while unlicensed, CCSO

Walsh, Thomas C, 67 - criminal trespass with property damage, stalking aggravated, disorderly conduct, SPD

Sept. 20

Basset, Thomas Alexander, 40 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), defective equipment, CCSO

Bell, Payton Marie, 23 - probation violation, CPRB

Deering, Lacarno Wydell, 40 - safety belts usage, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), narcotics possession, NPD

Dunaway, Daniel Ray, 43 - drug-related objects, CCSO

Goodwin, Fratavic Trevorious, 18 - fraud, entering auto to commit theft, CCSO

Harris, Darius Lanard, 29 - FTA, STA

Jones, Jazzmin Queenia, 22 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Lewis, Tyrie Rashon, 31 - battery, aggravated sodomy, CCSO

Mikulskis, Marius Pranus, 62 - assault, CCSO

Murray, Germon Andre Malik Di, 24 - HOA

Netherland, Joseph Dean, 57 - HOA

Nina, Ileana, 39 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Ramirez-Pardo, Arnaldo, 44 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), drug-related objects, NPD

Ray, Jeffery Lee, 52 - FTA, STA

Snelling, James Marquis, 31 - probation violation, NWCT

Sos, Theresa Anne, 41 - giving false name to officers, CCSO

St. Albin, Shawn Yvon, 31 - FTA, SUP

Stoehr, Jayme Evelyn, 32 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Tapley, Tori Ann, 17 - assault, CCSO

Veitch, Richard Jason, 42 - bribery, GBI

Williams, Kentavious Ladell, 21 - probation violation, STPR

Wright, Jermaine Tyrone, 42 - probation violation, STPR

Sept. 21

Bailey, Christopher Eugene, 48 - FTA, STA

Bellino, Mark Francis, 35 - aggravated assault, fleeing from police, reckless driving, speeding, passing in no passing zone, stop sign violation, FTML, CCSO

Black, William Harold, 51 - FTA, NWCT

Burns, Kenneth Max Kr., 36 - narcotics possession, CCSO

Burns, Kristy Jo, 31 - narcotics possession, CCSO

Causey, Jeffrey Spencer, 33 - aggravated assault with firearm, false imprisonment, terroristic acts and threats, battery, kidnapping, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, hindering apprehension of punishment of criminal, CCSO

Deas, Darrell Leroy, 36 - probation violation, STPR

Fountain, Gregory Lynn, 58 - probation violation, STPR

Gilchrist, Harold Dahronyea, 24 - fleeing from police, speeding, improper turn, obedience to traffic control device, CCSO

Jackson, Brian Wayne, 25 - obstruction of officers, DUI drugs-less safe, hands free violation, probation violation CCSO, CPRB

Jemison, Breanna Ritan Nicole, 30 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), display of license plates, NPD

Lindsey, Sierra Tonisha, 27 - battery, probation violation, CCSO, CPRB

McCluster, Antonio Martese, 37 - suspended license, NPD

Rahal, Cairon Anthony, 20 - speeding, CCSO

Randolph, Mahlon Jaylan, 27 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Taylor, Thomas Daryl, 25 - probation violation, STPR

Terrell, Mark Demond, 42 - HOA

Washington, Amari Nahjee-Khlee, 23 - driving while unlicensed, display of license plates, PPD

Weathers, Joshua Troy Jr., 28 - probation violation, CPRB

Welch, Joesph Walter Jr., 23 - probation violation, CPRB

Whitfield, Kayla Nicole, 29 - theft of lost or mislaid property, NPD

Willeby, Richard Blake, 32 - theft of lost or mislaid property, NPD

Sept. 22

Bess, Emmanuel Rhodan, 32 - contempt of superior court, SUP

Best, Jason Lamar, 41 - battery, child cruelty, NPD

Hall, Curtis Bernard, 32 - probation violation, STPR

Hall, Gregory Allan, 40 - DUI-drugs/less safe, open container, speeding, GSP

Henderson, Leo Lenorriss, 21 - aggravated assault with firearm, NPD

Kemp, Jordan Clay, 19 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), drug-related objects, CCSO

Lewis, Stephanie Marie, 35 - disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers, NPD

Pierson, Sarah Corrine, 29 - theft by taking, fraud, theft by deception, NPD

Smith, Marlyn Ramon, 3 - forgery, NPD

Stephens, Tina Marie, 33 - probation violation, CPRB

Wolters, John Clark, 36 - arrest order, SUP

Sept. 23

Bryant, Raymond Charles, 36 - theft by receiving stolen property, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), following too closely, CCSO

Burks, Natasha Fuller, 58 - probation violation, STPR

Clark, Tyron Montez, 18 - reckless conduct, NPD

Dent, Lacarol Shaqueen, 41 - suspended license, CCSO

DRoberts, Quentina Samone, 25 - resisting/interfering with police, suspended license, no proof of insurance, NPD

Echols, Robert Lee, 51 - battery, NPD

Franklin, Shayvocia Pamela, 27 - suspended license, improper backing, PPD

Harmon, Randy Jenkins, 34 - stalking, obstruction of officers, CCSO

Kirkland, Lavar, 42 - cocaine trafficking, methamphetamine trafficking, heroin trafficking, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, narcotics possession, drug-related objects, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, possession of firearm by convicted felon, suspended license, FTML, CCSO

McBrayer, Michael Keith, 59 - family violence order violation, GPD

Murrow, Ryan Micah, 17 - theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Odom, Cyrus Ernest Andre, 26 - HOA

Ordonez, Baltazar, 27 - speeding, driving while unlicensed, PPD

Roberts, Quentina Samone, 25 - probation violation, CPRB

Rosser-Kimber, Camron Wayne, 21 - theft by receiving stolen property, GSP

Sept. 24

Adams, Ethan Chase, 21 - trespassing, PPD

Anderson, Jemelle Shanchev, 23 - battery, NPD

Carter, Dewon Lamonte, 23 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), marijuana possession with intent to distribute, suspended license, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, speeding, GSP

Cook, Bruce Denver, 65 - assault, CCSO

Daniels, Andre, 52 - suspended license, speeding, GPD

Encrnacion, Jonathan, 52 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Lawhorn, Kenneth Preston, 72 - reckless driving, SPD

Maruska, Gregory Joseph, 62 - DUI-less safe, stop sign violation, GSP

Parks, Joseph Lamont Jr., 26 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Simmons, Antonius Andreco, 47 - holding a cell phone, defective equipment, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, suspended license, NPD

Sweatman, Joshua Wesley, 30 - criminal trespass, CCSO

Williams, Ralphael Demoinzo, 32 - driving while unlicensed, too fast for conditions, NPD

Sept. 25

Alzir, MAcen, 34 - wrong way on one way street, driving while unlicensed, NPD

Bocage, Frank Kenneth, 47 - obstruction of officers, terroristic threats and acts, FTML, DUI refusal, CCSO

Booker, Brice, 30 - DUI-less safe, no proof of insurance, DUI endangering a child, FTML, wrong side of roadway, violation of child restraint law, serious injury by vehicle, GSP

Chatman, Jontavious Emmanuel, 21 - theft by receiving stolen property, NPD

Hardy, Myles Xavier, 27 - suspended license, CCSO

Helton, Tanya Joy, 39 - FTML, DUI drugs/less safe, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, speeding, change of address or name, GSP

Lane, Rodney Maynon Jr., 35 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), suspended license, speeding, GSP

Nutt, Christohr Ryan, 31 - too fast for conditions, suspended license, no brake lights, CCSO

Parson, Gage Mason, 26 - fleeing from police, suspended license, speeding, driving in emergency lane, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, stop sign violation, improper passing, GPD

Sanders, Bernard Elliot, 39 - speeding, suspended license, NPD

White, Dustin Lee, 40 - probation violation, CPRB

Willingham, Kyle Tyler, 32 - narcotics possession, display of license plates, CCSO