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Newnan to consider rescinding GFL bid award

  • By Joe Adgie
  • |
  • Aug. 08, 2022 - 7:53 AM

Newnan to consider rescinding GFL bid award

Joe Adgie / The Newnan Times-Herald

The city of Newnan is considering rescinding a bid award that was awarded to GFL Environmental back in June following service interruptions.

The Newnan City Council will consider rescinding its bid award with GFL Environmental at its meeting Tuesday.

The bid award concerns solid waste service starting in 2023. The city council will consider rescinding the bid in the aftermath of service interruptions that have occurred since June, which has angered Newnan customers and frustrated city officials.

Last month, the city informed GFL that they were in breach of their contract, citing failure to provide services to residential units on a once-per-week basis, failure to furnish the city with monthly tonnage reports of garbage collected, failure to separate recyclables from household garbage at the point of collection required, failure to furnish the monthly recyclables collected to the city, failure to maintain reliable equipment and staffing to operate equipment, failure to furnish required quarterly reports and failure to operate a schedule and ensuring timely service to residential units.

At that time, the city gave GFL 30 days to “make necessary adjustments to remedy said deficiencies” mentioned.

“In the event the contractor fails to correct, or take action to correct, such deficiencies within 30 days after this notice of the deficiencies and breach set out hereinabove, the city reserves the right to terminate this agreement,” Cleatus Phillips, Newnan city manager, wrote in the letter.

Last month, Phillips said that the city has “lined up resources that are on standby that are available to us” in case the city does terminate its contract with GFL or in case the city needs to step in to handle solid waste services.

Phillips said those resources include solid waste trucks and drivers.

According to agenda documents for Tuesday’s meeting, city staff has recommended that the city council rescind GFL’s bid award, which was awarded to them June 14, and have conversations with three bidding firms regarding their interest and ability to provide residential refuse and recycling services to single-family residents in the city.

There were two other bids for Newnan’s solid waste contract.

The first, from Amwaste of Georgia, would have included a $17.18 monthly rate for weekly residential refuse and $6.52 for weekly recycling but without glass bottles and jars. For backdoor service, the weekly residential rate would have been $26.43 for refuse and $15.77 for recycling.

The other bid, from Coastal Waste and Recycling, would have included a $17.40 monthly rate for weekly residential refuse. For recycling, without glass, the monthly rate would have been $11.60 and with glass, the rate would have been $12.83.

For backdoor service, the rate would have been $22.81 for refuse and $17.01 for recycling. A $5 monthly discount would have been provided to seniors.

GFL’s contract would have included a $10.45 monthly rate for weekly residential refuse and $6.50 per month for recycling, including glass bottles and jars.

For backdoor service for those not demonstrating a disability or a medical hardship, the monthly rate is $25.25 for weekly refuse and $25.25 for weekly recycling.