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Kemp extends suspension of state gasoline sales tax for third time

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Aug. 09, 2022 - 7:32 AM

Kemp extends suspension of state gasoline sales tax for third time

The Newnan Times-Herald

By Dave Williams / Capitol Beat News Service

ATLANTA - Gov. Brian Kemp Wednesday extended the latest temporary suspension of the state’s gasoline sales tax that had been due to expire late next week.

Kemp issued two executive orders, one extending the sales tax suspension and the other renewing the governor’s state of emergency declaration related to supply chain disruptions.

Kemp blamed the Biden administration for both rising prices and supply chain woes.

"With 40-year high inflation, gas prices that are still far too high, and supply chains strained under the weight of bad decisions, hardworking residents of the Peach State have been feeling the consequences of Joe Biden's recession long before it was announced,” Kemp said.

“We can’t fix everything Washington has broken, but we’re doing our part to combat the economic headwinds caused by the president's failed policies.”

Gasoline prices have come down significantly during the last several weeks. Currently, the price of a gallon of gas in Georgia is about 45 cents below the national average, according to AAA.

The Georgia Ports Authority recently reported ending fiscal year 2022 at the end of June with a record-high cargo volume despite the pandemic.

"I, along with the strong and dedicated leaders of the Georgia General Assembly, will continue to fight for our fellow Georgians and do all we can to ease the financial burdens they’re facing through no fault of their own,” Kemp said.

"We will also push back against new, reckless spending plans and continue to call on the Biden administration to reverse the disastrous course it has set us on as an entire country, so that it cannot drag down the No.-1 state for business."

President Joe Biden has called attention to falling oil prices in recent weeks and has called on oil companies to pass the lower costs on to American consumers. The president has blamed supply chain disruptions primarily on the war in Ukraine and profit taking by oil companies.

The General Assembly initially suspended collection of the gasoline sales tax in March. Kemp then extended the suspension in May, at the beginning of last month, and again on Wednesday.

The latest temporary suspension is due to expire Sept. 12.

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