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Arrest Log: Aug 8-14

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Aug. 15, 2022 - 4:58 PM

Arrest Log: Aug 8-14

The Newnan Times-Herald

An arrest constitutes only the initiation of charges, and those arrested are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.

The arresting departments are noted: Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), Chattahoochee Hills Police Department (CHPD), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Coweta Probation (CPRB), Child Support (CLDS), Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), District Court (DC), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Georgia Department of Public Safety (DOPS), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Grantville City Court (GRTV), Grantville Police Department (GPD), Magistrate Court (MAG), Newnan City Court (NWCT), Newnan Police Department (NPD), Newnan Probation (NPRB), Palmetto Police Department (PPD), Department of Community Supervision (PARL), Private Investigator (PRIV), Senoia City Court (SNCT), Senoia Police Department (SPD), State Probation (STPR), Superior Court (SUP), U.S. Marshals (USM), or others.

Violation of probation or parole is listed as VOP, violation of the Georgia controlled substance act is listed as VGCSA, failure to appear is noted as FTA, hold for other agency is listed as HOA, family violence act is listed as FVA, failure to maintain lane is listed as FTML and driving under the influence is abbreviated DUI.

All persons arrested, except those held by orders of the magistrate or those arrested for violation of probation, are released from custody after posting bond or paying a fine.

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted:

Aug. 8

Bonilla, Tristen Joel, 22 - speeding, reckless driving, CCSO

Brignoni, Jonathan M, 33 - marijuana possession with intent to distribute, defective equipment, CCSO

Davis, Winifred Delores, 55 - probation violation, NPRB

Jones, Jimeria Artshanay, 21 - suspended license, speeding, CCSO

Matthews, David Jackson, 45 - probation violation, CPRB

Pope, Jeffrey Steve Jr., 21 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

St. Cyr, Elijah Von, 17 - theft by taking, entering auto, NPD

Tatum, Christopher Jayqwan, 24 - HOA

Thomas, Joshua Donininque, 21 - giving false name to officers, CCSO

Aug. 9

Brown, John Walter IV, 40 - FTA, STA

Deveaux, Jeffery Ocatius, 23 - fugitive from justice, CCSO

Faulkner, Thomas Jefferson, 57 - safety belts usage, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), narcotics possession, CCSO

Hamilton, Cary Garland, 48 - FTA, STA

Horsley, Derrick Keunte, 40 - obstruction of officers, NPD

Jenkins-Gour, Courtney Krista, 43 - fraudulent insurance claims, theft by taking, OTH

Larsen, Arent Joseph Jr., 58 - forgery, CCSO

Loftis, Jonathan Blake, 34 - methamphetamine trafficking, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), defective equipment, illegal tint, CCSO

Lopez-Montero, Samantha Anne, 35 - probation violation, CPRB

Russell, Corbi Nichelle, 32 - probation violation, CPRB

Smith, Bethany Michelle, 23 - methamphetamine trafficking, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Suckow, Brandon Dennis, 30 - FTA, STA

Sweat, Sharon Alexander, 31 - HOA

Woody, Charles Jacob, 36 - probation violation, STPR

Aug. 10

Archeval Lao, Pedro, 19 - theft by taking, NPD

Bowden, Donna Michelle Ann, 45 - criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers, CCSO

Bowie, D’Vonte Love, 28 - FTA, STA

Brown, Jacaorrius Deonta, 22 - HOA

Daniel, Jason Javan, 42 - battery, child cruelty, CCSO

Davis, Kenneth Jr., 42 - DUI-less safe, FTML, open container, CCSO

Frangi, Rebecca Anne, 35 - HOA

Hammond, Brandon Dale, 24 - possession of firearm by convicted felon, CCSO

Jaggers, Ryan Brent, 27 - battery, interfering with calls for emergency assistance, CCSO

Johnson, Hayward Sonny, 42 - battery, CCSO

Miller, Derick Renard, 56 - speeding, suspended license, GSP

Mixon, Taj Maleek, 24 - theft by shoplifting, theft of financial transaction card, fraud, computer theft, NPD

Ogletree, Kristy Leigh, 40 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Perez, Elias Velazquez, 40 - HOA

Peterson, Megan Jeannette, 27 - narcotics possession, drug-related objects, giving false name to officers, open container, NPD

Postell, Michael Darnell, 23 - probation violation, CPRB

Sanchez-Rojas, Ana, 25 - driving while unlicensed, NPD

Thomas, Nakita Joaquin, 42 - pedestrian darting out into traffic, CCSO

Aug. 11

Brooks, Walter Wayne, 29 - family violence order violation, probation violation, CCSO, STPR

Daniel, Brandon Almond, 30 - fleeing from police, no brake lights, safety belts usage, obstruction of officers, reckless driving, parole violation, CCSO, PARL

Foster, Troi Amanda, 27 - FTA, SUP

Gates, Martes Dewayne, 36 - terroristic threats and acts, entering auto to commit theft, eavesdropping or surveillance, criminal trespass with property damage, theft by taking, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, stalking, CCSO, NPD

Palmer, Adrian, 21 - FTML, instructional permit, controlled substance abandonment, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Smith, Bruce Elliot, 58 - suspended license, CCSO

Thompson, Timothy Jordan, 33 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, DUI, CCSO

Walker, Shemar Cornelius, 21 - driving while unlicensed, FTML, NPD

Westerman, Joshua Dylan, 45 - FTA, SUP

Aug. 12

Ally, Crystal Alison, 29 - FTML, DUI, speeding, CCSO

Anderson, Lorenzo, 51 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), drug-related objects, obstruction of officers, probation violation, NPD, CPRB

Matthews, Latoya Shekita, 32 - no proof of insurance, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, FTML, too cast for conditions, NPD

Seals, Titoreous Rakim, 25 - FTA, SUP

Smith, Akeem Rashaud, 29 - suspended license, safety belts usage, NPD

Urban, Ronald, 45 - theft by convention, NPD

Aug. 13

Alford, Tianna Zy’Eddie, 20 - safety belts usage, speeding, driving while unlicensed, driver to use due care, stopping/standing prohibited in specified places, failure to yield, GSP

Byrd, Marcus Lee, 34 - obstruction of officers, SPD

Holtzclaw, Cynthia Dianne, 53 - attempting to defraud of pass stolen lottery ticket, theft by taking, CCSO

Teagle, Daryl Kerelle, 27 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), tampering with evidence, no headlights, CCSO

Woll, Nathan Lee, 41 - narcotics possession with intent to distribute, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, suspended license, reckless driving, NPD

Aug. 14

Bonner, Eric Stefan, 44 - criminal trespass with property damage, assault, entering auto to commit theft, NPD

Brown, Dawson Benjamin, 29 - following too closely, change of address or name, DUI-less safe, GSP

Cooper, Diamond Daebreya, 22 - speeding, reckless driving improper turn, GSP

Farrel, Nolta Cartier, 46 - FTML, DUI-less safe, leaving scene of accident with injury/death, GPD

Harbuck, Timothy Alan, 26 - suspended license, speeding, GPD

Kendall, Ajuan Dertemus, 43 - obstruction of officers, fleeing from police, speeding, display of license plates, reckless driving, too fast for conditions, GSP

Oakley, Jontue Lajuan, 40 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Pablo, Santiago Lopez, 28 - battery, NPD

Smith, Janaisha Wyunne, 33 - narcotics possession, NPD

Thomas, Steve Allen Jr., 46 - HOA

Warren, Desshon Tamari, 24 - HOA