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Impeach the Attorney General

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 16, 2022 - 10:11 AM

Impeach the Attorney General

Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist?” He can be reached at

Remember in 2016 when Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Republicans held no hearings on the nomination and it died when Democrats lost the White House a few months later.

Garland was confirmed in 2021 as the Biden administration’s Attorney General.

The Senate majority made the right decision in 2016. It made the wrong decision in 2021. I’ll go one step further and urge that the Senate rectify its mistake and remove Garland from office (following the constitutional procedure of impeachment by the House).

Democrats who favor democracy only when they win cried foul when Garland couldn’t get a hearing in 2016. This only demonstrated how little they either know or care about the Constitution.

That document does not say “The Senate must confirm the President’s nominees.” It doesn’t even say “The Senate must hold a hearing on the President’s nominees.” The Senate is empowered to simply “advise and consent” as it sees fit. In 2016, by not holding hearings, the Senate did just that. It advised the President that it didn’t much care for his nominee and would not consider giving him its consent.

Two years earlier, in 2014, voters gave Republicans control of the Senate. Conceivably, they were saying “We don’t want any more far-Left Obama court nominees.” They said it even more loudly in November 2016, just months after Garland’s failed nomination.

It’s called “the democratic process.” Apparently, the same party that just nominated Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams for “re-election” this year (she lost by 55,000 votes in 2018) is against it when it loses. Where’s the logic in doing precisely what they daily assail Donald Trump for?

Impeach Merrick Garland? Yes, please. He’s the worst Democratic attorney general since the last one. But here’s one reason that’s more than good enough.

Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 1507, stipulates that anyone who attempts to influence or obstruct a judge by picketing or parading near that person’s office or home “shall be fined or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Last week, protestors demanding the right to butcher the unborn showed up outside the private residences of Supreme Court justices. Their purpose? Intimidate the justices into changing a majority opinion that a recently leaked draft suggests they may soon issue. Threats were made. One demonstrator told a reporter that Justice Alito “deserves some intrusion into his peace and comfort.”

This is immoral and illegal, but Garland did nothing while the White House offered lame excuses for the menacing behavior, day after day. No arrests, not even a warning. It took a week before Garland even provided necessary security. Maybe he was too busy attempting to intimidate parents unhappy with lousy, “woke” school boards.

Incredibly, the Women’s Health Protection Act supported by almost all Democrats in Congress would force Christian doctors to perform abortions whether their conscience permitted it or not. Where is that found in the Constitution?

When the country’s chief law enforcement officer is egregiously derelict, it’s time for him to go. In November, we can hope the party that put him there—and encourages thuggery, barbarism and unconstitutional oppression—gets crushed at the polls too. It’s the “democratic” thing to do.


Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist?” He can be reached at