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East Coweta takes on Griffin in Spring Game

  • By Rob Grubbs
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  • May. 20, 2022 - 5:05 PM

East Coweta takes on Griffin in Spring Game

Rob Grubbs / The Newnan Times-Herald

The East Coweta Indians football team, led by Head Coach John Small, traveled to Griffin to take on the Bears on Thursday for their spring game.

The game was built around a modified format where each team was on offense for six consecutive minutes in different game situations. The score was not as important as the ability to face a real opponent in game situations.

Some of the game's highlights included the play of the Indians quarterbacks. Christian Langford and Caleb Mize took turns running the offense and had some high points.

Langford showed flashes of his speed and arm strength to lead the offense that fits well with the new offensive coordinator, Kelby Holt, and his schemes. Mize also made some solid throws.

Overall, the offense will look much different than the last two seasons when it relied on the dropback abilities of Danny Shoch. The system now is built around the quickness of the quarterbacks and their ability to read the defense and make decisions.

Brady Tillman had some moments as well from the running back position. He nearly scored a touchdown early on a screen pass where he bowled over a Bear defensive player en route to the end zone. The touchdown, however, did not count as the play was called back for a penalty. He later scored on the same play late in the first half.

Tillman also got some plays in the defensive secondary and appeared to be comfortable on both sides of the ball.

Meanwhile, starting linebacker Michael Burse also had some carries in the offensive backfield and looked sharp.

The offensive line, which played without anchor Aaron Fenimore, held up against a quick and athletic Bear defensive front. The format of the game called for no quarterback hits, so any time a defensive player got a hand on a quarterback, it was ruled a sack. The Indians line did not allow a sack in the first half.

The defense had several impressive moments. In the second quarter, Makai Sullivan had a pick-6, and Flen Larkin also added an interception. Overall, the Indians defense played fast and got many hats on the ball on every down.

Indians corner Deliyon Freeman drew the task of covering the 6-foot-3 Bears receiver Jaleel Chambliss and gained confidence throughout the game. He also played at receiver a bit and caught a touchdown pass.

With spring complete, the Indians enter offseason mode. In just 13 weeks, the Indians will take the field against the Starr’s Mill Panthers in the Coweta-Fayette Classic. While they have to be happy with how some things looked on Thursday, they will also take a list of items into the summer to work on.

Photos by Rob Grubbs

05-21-2022-EC-010-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170228#asset:75586 It was an impressive debut for Indians quarterback Christian Langford (Gray No. 5) and running back Brady Tillman (White No. 7). 05-21-2022-EC-011-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170229#asset:75587Caleb Mize (Gray No. 3) split time at quarterback with Christian Langford under new offensive coordinator Kelby Holt’s system. 05-21-2022-EC-012-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170230#asset:75588Flen Larkin (No. 12) had an interception for the Indians secondary. 05-21-2022-EC-013-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170231#asset:75589Michael Burse (No. 6) split time between his linebacker position and had some carries as the running back. 05-21-2022-EC-014-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170232#asset:75590Colt Cortez (No. 11) caught a touchdown pass from Christian Langford in the second half. 05-21-2022-EC-015-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170233#asset:75591The Indians got a pick-6 from Makai Sullivan.05-21-2022-EC-016-2.jpg?mtime=20220520170234#asset:75592Indians kicker Grace McGill consistently hit field goals from 30 to 40 yards out during the intermission.