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Radicalism benefits no one

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 29, 2022 - 3:34 PM

Are you enjoying Coweta County? Chances are the answer is yes.

Whether you’re a lifelong native or recently moved here, you’re enjoying a quality of life that keeps driving more people to live here.

If you take a closer look at why Coweta’s such a desirable place, you’ll find a common theme among our local leaders.

Coweta is a conservative community, but it’s a special kind. It’s one that knows change is inevitable, so it takes the best from both past and present to ensure our community retains its identity while moving forward.

This political style is respectful. It lets results do the talking. It knows that for something to be successful, it needs to take in all viewpoints to ensure its vision is rock solid.

However, a small group of disrupters is once again doing its best to bring fiery national rhetoric into our community. They’re employing national boogeymen and outside PACs to create hysteria over issues that don’t exist.

In short, they’re radicals.

And radicalism has never helped any community, regardless of political ethos.

Radicalism is rooted in the dehumanization of those who don’t adhere to whatever doctrine a particular group is clinging to. Lies are abundant because radicalism exists in a world where life is black and white, when in fact, it’s a million shades of gray.

We’ve seen how some candidates have built their political brand on being uncompromising and dogmatic. The only results they get are headlines, and constituents are left with little to show for their efforts.

With school board meetings across the county devolving into heated exchanges of outrage, our local group of community disrupters didn’t miss a chance to localize this current trend in an effort to radicalize our board, even when it isn't applicable to our community.

They’re not interested in results; they’re only interested in power. Why? Because traditional conservatives in our community have wholeheartedly rejected them.

This local group gets so little respect and support from traditional conservatives in our community that they’ve had to resort to recruiting paid volunteers from outside our community – and sometimes even out of our state – to canvas neighborhoods in an attempt to distribute their misinformation.

They’re outsiders hiring outsiders to campaign for outsiders.

Some candidates take pride in obstructionism and claiming their “outsider” status. As a result, their constituents don’t get results. They get consequences.

They’re happy to be lightning rods because they’re too busy espousing rhetoric to bother forging relationships that actually get results for the people they were elected to represent.

Who benefits from disruption and radicalism? Not Coweta residents, parents and property owners.

Who brings results and opportunities to our community?

Successful politicians, regardless of party, know the value of forming relationships at both the local and state levels. Good opportunities are the result of working together.

Those with conservative leanings who are moving into Coweta may be susceptible to the belief that this perverted, radical brand of Republicanism attempting to overthrow our school board is the standard in this county, but it’s not.

If Coweta’s quality of life speaks to you, declare it at the ballot box. Reject blatant misinformation and propaganda, distributed by outsiders working on a national level.

If you want to keep Coweta great, reject those who played no role in creating it and seem hell-bent on tearing it down.