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Educate our children, don't indoctrinate

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 29, 2022 - 3:44 PM

Educate our children, don't indoctrinate

The Newnan Times-Herald

Four members of our Coweta County School Board are up for reelection.

The NTH previously reported on Linda Menk creating a fake scandal regarding turf bids at our High Schools from the Morton, Wilson, Downs LLC report pointing out how Menk stonewalled and cost the CCSS $100,000.

She seldom shows up at school functions even in her own district. This is all about right-wing politics to her, not the best education for our children.

Maxwell Britton, candidate for District 1 calls himself, Menk, Cory Gambardella and Megan Smith “The Fantastic Four.” They are in lockstep with an organization called No Left Turn and are supported by a PAC whose goal is to take over control of local school districts.

I attended the NLT forum Saturday. Both NLT and the PAC want to turn education into their own religious indoctrination camps or destroy it if they cannot. Their actions such as forcing prayer during the minute of silence at school board meetings make their goal rather obvious. They forget how Jesus said in Matthew 6:5 said to pray in private and not on street corners.

Coweta is a diverse county that will become more so in time. Mormons, Catholics, Episcopalians, Muslims, Jews and many diverse faith groups are in this county. Atheists are not here to destroy as Mr. Britton states but to live their lives peacefully as the First Amendment allows. They don’t care about people’s religion until it interferes with their lives or their children’s education.

Freedom of and FROM religion is in the First Amendment, not their kind of religion alone. Most people prefer a kind Atheist to a bigoted, hateful “Christian.”

This group blocks honest questions from their Facebook pages. If they won’t answer questions from potential voters, how can they lead a school district?

Please vote for Amy Dees in District 1, Beth Barnett in District 3, Rob DuBose in District 4 replacing Linda Menk, and Larry Robertson for At-Large. We need people who will educate our children for the world to come, not indoctrinate them into some right-wing, religious, fascist cult.

Early voting starts May 2 through May 20.

Cindy Pursley