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Downtown speed limits going down?

  • By Joe Adgie
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  • Jan. 25, 2022 - 4:56 PM

Downtown speed limits going down?

The Newnan Times-Herald

The speed limits on several downtown Newnan streets are likely dropping from 35 to 25 mph.

The Newnan City Council will review on Tuesday a list of roadways for radar speed enforcement. This is a list of roads that the city of Newnan is interested in running radar on in an attempt to catch speeders.

“Every so often, the city of Newnan has to submit those roadways that we want to have the ability to utilize radar enforcement, and we have to submit it to GDOT,” said Hasco Craver, Newnan assistant city manager.

Craver said GDOT considers different criteria in order to allow local jurisdictions to run radar, saying that a local jurisdiction can’t just “willy-nilly” run radar on whatever streets they want at their own leisure.

This list consists of roads on the GDOT system at different points from one point to another, and what speed limit is designated for these roads. A second list involves “off-system” roadways, roads that are not maintained by GDOT. This list includes roads from one point to another and their designated speed limits.

Notably, the lists have the speed limits for Jackson Street, Jefferson Street and Clark Street, which is State Highways 14, 16 and 34, in the Central Business District in downtown Newnan dropping from 35 mph to 25 mph.

This reduction of speed limit was requested last year as part of a traffic study prepared for Bike Coweta. The study cited daily volume of vehicles, median speeds and peak numbers of pedestrians and bicycles moving through downtown streets, as well as parking numbers.

The study took a look at the 85th percentile of speeds along Jackson Street, Jefferson Street, College Street and Broad Street.

The speeds and counts were performed on Feb. 23, 2021.

Along the 35 mph Jackson Street traveling southbound, the 85th percentile was 28 mph north of Wesley Street and 21 mph south of Madison Street, according to the study. North of Wesley Street, the road has a daily volume of 11,180 vehicles, and a daily volume of 9,217 vehicles south of Madison Street.

On the 35 mph Jefferson Street traveling northbound, the 85th percentile was 27 mph north of Wesley Street and 21 mph north of Spring Street. North of Wesley, Jefferson has a daily volume of 10,792 vehicles and a volume of 7,821 vehicles south of Spring Street.

On the 35 mph Broad Street, east of Perry Street, the 85th percentile for eastbound travelers was 24 mph and 23 mph for westbound motorists. Broad Street had a daily volume of 3,190 vehicles eastbound and 2,313 westbound.

On College Street, which has a speed limit of 25, the 85th percentile of speeds traveling both northbound and southbound was 26 mph. The road has a daily volume of 895 vehicles northbound and 808 southbound.