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NLTE: Check Your Blinker Fluid

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Dec. 03, 2021 - 3:28 PM

NLTE: Check Your Blinker Fluid

The Newnan Times-Herald

At the Nov. 12 meeting of the Coweta County School Board, the local chapter president for “No Left Turn in Education” questioned board members with dramatic flair, insinuating our school system is endangering fragile minds of young adults by allowing books with bad words.

The president of this organization spelled out a word she found in one of the books to prove oversight was lax and that, of course, something should be done.

If NLTE was truly worried about bad books in school, they should have taken one of the five opportunities afforded them by CCSS staff to identify the dangerous material and remove it from school libraries.

But they waited over a month, from Oct. 8 to Nov. 12, before they revealed the existence of “dangerous” material or provided the information to school officials. They waited so they could unveil the treachery, and with great Southern genteelness, softly spell out the Really Bad Word.

In the meantime, the Really Bad Books remained available to any impressionable youth.

If No Left Turn for Education has any intention of keeping our children safe, shouldn’t they have pointed this out on Oct. 9? Since the November meeting, has NLTE met with CCSS staff, proposed a policy or offered to assist our teachers in any way?

You know the answer.

Once again, we have individuals who are attempting to influence public perception and public policy via grandstanding, with no consideration beyond getting themselves in the paper or a social media response. If NLTE ignored five opportunities to discuss these books, or even notify the librarian, should we suspect their motives?

They present no plan. They offer no concrete proposals. All they have are five minute speakers and stuff happening in other states. If they are worried about the education our children are getting in our school libraries, I’m sure the Media Specialists who see 200 kids a day would welcome any assistance or volunteer services. Ask to serve on Media Committees or Library boards. Host a fundraiser.

The best thing any parent can do is to ask your child’s teacher how you can help. It will get a lot more done than spelling out bad words.

Blue Cole