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COVID-19: Coweta reports 140 new cases, 1 new death

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Dec. 08, 2021 - 10:38 AM

COVID-19: Coweta reports 140 new cases, 1 new death

The Newnan Times-Herald

Coweta County’s COVID-19 cases rose to 13,179 Tuesday, with 140 new infections confirmed since Nov. 30.

There were 348 total deaths in Coweta as of Tuesday, with one new death reported in the past week. According to the DPH, there are another 41 probable deaths** from COVID-19 as of Tuesday’s report, and hospitalizations are at 885 (+11).

Coweta also has reported a total of 8,257 antigen positive* tests, up 39 since Nov. 30. Antigen positives are not included in the DPH’s confirmed case totals, which are based on molecular (polymerase chain reaction, or PCR) tests. However, antigen positive tests are highly indicative of COVID-19 infection.

Across Georgia, the DPH reported a total of 1,291,469 confirmed cases on Tuesday – 6,204 since Nov. 30 – and a total of 381,613 antigen positive tests (+2,422).

The state has reported 25,847 total confirmed deaths from COVID-19, including 134 new deaths since Nov. 30. Another 4,877 probable deaths from COVID-19 in Georgia also were reported Tuesday.

A total of 90,229 people have been admitted to Georgia hospitals for COVID-19 treatment since the health crisis began, and 14,071 of those patients have been admitted to intensive care units.

According to statistics posted by the DPH Tuesday, a total of 13,211,912 molecular tests for active infections have been performed at drive-thru sites and facilities statewide, with a current positive rate of 9.9 percent.***

A total of 682,765 serology tests for antibodies from previous infections have been performed statewide, with a 28.1 percent positive rate.

*PCR tests – processed in laboratories – look for genetic material from the virus. Antigen tests – usually processed in a health care provider’s office – are rapid tests that look for specific proteins found on the surface of the virus. Antigen positives are highly indicative of COVID-19 infection, but occasional false negative results are reported among people who are actually infected with the disease.

**This number includes individuals who are antigen positive or individuals with compatible illness and known close contact to a case that was either reported to DPH as deceased by health care providers or medical examiners/coroners, or identified by death certificates with COVID-19 indicated as the cause of death. It also includes cases in which there is evidence that COVID-19 contributed to the individual’s death OR individuals with a death certificate that has COVID-19 indicated as the cause of death and there is no laboratory evidence for SARS-CoV-2.

***The number of positive tests is not the same as the number of cases. Some tests may not be reported to DPH through electronic laboratory reporting, and numbers may include multiple tests performed on the same individual.

Coweta’s neighboring counties (since November 30):

Cases and deaths are cumulative.

Carroll County – 10,232 confirmed cases (+64), 6,489 antigen positive cases (+21), 161 confirmed deaths (+2) and 195 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 393 (+1).

Fayette County – 10,038 confirmed cases (+85), 3,573 antigen positive cases (+35), 221 confirmed deaths (+3) and 25 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 648 (+9).

Fulton County – 114,369 confirmed cases (+779), 21,193 antigen positive cases (+156), 1,691 confirmed deaths (+13) and 153 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 7,657 (+86).

Heard County – 1,050 confirmed cases (+6), 447 antigen positive cases (+1), 26 confirmed deaths and 16 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 70 (+4).

Meriwether County – 2,236 confirmed cases (+10), 800 antigen positive tests (+6), 100 confirmed deaths and 20 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 230.

Spalding County – 6,972 confirmed cases (+58), 3,670 antigen positive cases (+19), 280 confirmed deaths (+2) and 48 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 666 (+7).

Troup County – 8,642 confirmed cases (+34), 2,339 antigen positive cases (+6), 271 confirmed deaths (+1) and 55 probable deaths. Hospitalizations: 648 (+2).

For more information and statistics on the outbreak in Georgia, visit .

The disease in the U.S. and worldwide

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which was identified after health officials reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, to the World Health Organization in late 2019.

Since then, more than 265 million people have been sickened by COVID-19 in 235 countries, areas and territories, and more than 5.2 million have died, according to the WHO.

More than 785,000 COVID-19-related deaths and more than 49 million confirmed infections have been reported in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including 40,105 new cases and 177 new deaths between Monday and Tuesday.


Coweta County Case History

MARCH 2020: 32 cases, 2 deaths

APRIL 2020: 154 new cases, 2 new deaths

MAY 2020: 221 new cases, 5 new deaths

JUNE 2020: 251 new cases, 6 new deaths

JULY 2020: 620 new cases, 4 new deaths

AUGUST 2020: 953 new cases, 7 new deaths

SEPTEMBER 2020: 362 new cases, 21 new deaths

OCTOBER 2020: 327 new cases, 16 new deaths

NOVEMBER 2020: 640 new cases, 5 new deaths

DECEMBER 2020: 1,620 new cases, 10 new deaths

JANUARY 2021: 1,866 new cases, 31 new deaths

FEBRUARY 2021: 886 new cases, 41 new deaths

MARCH 2021: 354 new cases, 29 new deaths

APRIL 2021: 247 new cases, 25 new deaths

MAY 2021: 171 new cases, 4 new deaths

JUNE 2021: 70 new cases, 7 new deaths

JULY 2021: 211 new cases, 5 new deaths

AUGUST 2021: 1,626 new cases, 13 new deaths

SEPTEMBER 2021: 1,558 new cases, 46 new deaths

OCTOBER 2021: 399 new cases, 52 new deaths

NOVEMBER 2021: 347 new cases, 14 new deaths


1 – 13,056 cases, 347 deaths

2 – 13,087 cases, 347 deaths

3 – 13,100 cases, 348 deaths

6 – 13,172 cases, 348 deaths

7 – 13,179 cases, 348 deaths

(To date: 140 new cases, 1 new death)

***Multiple providers and facilities can enter data into the DPH’s reportable disease surveillance system. Because of this, cases may sometimes be inadvertently duplicated. Duplicates are deleted from the system as soon as they are discovered, which occasionally can result in a decrease in the number of reported cases and other statistics.