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Where do county planners draw the line?

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Nov. 19, 2021 - 6:36 PM

Where do county planners draw the line?

The Newnan Times-Herald

Where does the county draw the line in the sand to slow these ever-increasing medium-to-high-density developments that further clog our roads?

Why, all of a sudden, would it be OK for Coweta County to allow Whistle Ridge's 95 new homes worth of automobiles at the busy Buddy West Road/Happy Valley Circle intersection, but it wasn't ok for the extra vehicles in 2010 for an 8,400-square-foot Church to be chartered off Buddy West?

Was it not OK for the potential traffic from these 70 parking spots worth of tithers, but now it’s OK for an even larger group of tax-paying motorists to be clustered on the Sprayberry Land Preserve off that same road?

Given that Buddy West Road has not physically changed through this span of years, except for more vehicles and deer collisions, why would this proposal (Whistle Ridge by Trademark Quality Homes, with a variance of mostly one-acre lots) be okay to add even more cars, trucks and displaced deer to Buddy West?

What happened to the county's ordinances that, on the surface, mandated larger lot sizes? This particular homestead will affect those who live in or near Lake Redwine, Martin's Pond, Halt Whistle, Harris Estates, Westwood Lakes, Maple Creek, Willow Creek and even the Newnan Country Club's back door.

It was even more unsettling to discover there are several higher density expansions drawn up for the region, including another 300+ quarter/half acre-lot development nearby on Greentop Road.

If you are also concerned about how additional clumped-together establishments will increase traffic, then please look up your district heads at . Even if you are too busy to voice your apprehensions at public hearings and commission meetings, please take the few minutes to email your Commissioner.

My concern about vehicle congestion and lot sizes, to a degree, may presently seem trivial. I acknowledge that we are blessed to still live in a county that has honorably weathered many recent challenges — thanks, largely in part, to our soul-improving educators, church leaders and public safety heads who continue in the legacy of their former guides.

However, additional sprawl will dilute the sweet spot that Coweta has attained, and as many unwelcomed prior prophets have predicted, we will become another metro community plagued with bottlenecked roadways.

Just think about how this throng will further burden our schools that are already at capacity, and those that are rapidly approaching their limit.

Again, if you don't want it to get to the point where it will be faster to walk than to drive from red light to red light every day, please contact your district commissioner.

Think about the extra minutes each day you will consume in your commute from your chunk of "Crowd-eta County." A brief emailed effort now is better than none in an attempt to avoid this foretold frustration.

Where do the planners draw the line in the sand? I draw mine at Buddy West.

Micah Harrison