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NPD officers engage with residents at Coffee With a Cop

  • By Jeffrey Cullen-Dean
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  • Oct. 11, 2021 - 10:53 AM

NPD officers engage with residents at Coffee With a Cop

Jeffrey Cullen-Dean / The Newnan Times-Herald

Officers from the Newnan Police Department host Coffee With a Cop to engage with and answer questions from Newnan residents. From left, Noel Perez, Adam Rowe, Edward Lee, Chris Lewis, Mark Kaplan, Joshua Worth, Taylor Stanford and Adam Griffith.

The Newnan Police Department hosted a Coffee With a Cop event to give residents the opportunity to speak with officers about concerns they have or just to ask questions about the department.

Similar interactions were held across the country as Oct. 6 was National Coffee With a Cop Day.

The event was held at Heirloom Bakery in Newnan.

Conversation topics included how the city is doing, the crime rate in Newnan and the department's bike patrol unit.

"Questions range from anything like, 'Is it illegal to call 911 for a bat in your house?' to 'How fast can you ride on your bicycle?'" said Officer Joshua Skinner.

Newnan resident Macy Roach said he and his family attended the event to get a better sense of the officers at NPD. He wanted to know if they're from Newnan and how long they've been in the community.

More importantly, he said, he wanted his kids to understand that the officers were there to help them if they needed it.

Officer Edward Lee said the police department holds events similar to Coffee With a Cop every few months "to find ways where we can actually talk to citizens on a normal basis where they're not stressed or have a lot on their minds."

A Newnan resident might come to the police department to speak with an officer, but that tends to be during a stressful or uncomfortable time for them since they usually need help or something bad is happening, Lee said.

Because of that, Lee said the police department goes to where the people are, such as downtown Newnan, to engage with residents.

"People don't come to the police department unless they're in a stressful situation," Lee said. "The people are in the city, they're not at the police department. We try to go to the city, where people go every day."