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COVID patient grateful for Piedmont Newnan Hospital

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Sep. 03, 2021 - 5:16 PM

I do not post anything on social media but wanted to share my story of the exceptional treatment I received from Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

I tested positive for COVID-19 on July 26 and was taken to the Piedmont Newnan Hospital emergency room on July 30. My wait time in the emergency room before I was actually put in a bed I would estimate at 2-3 hours, which I was pleased with. Once I was admitted, I could no longer see my wife or any family. I was totally reliant on the hospital staff for my care and treatment.

I realized I was one of many patients at the hospital being treated for COVID-19; however, not one time did I feel I was not receiving the best care from all the professional health care workers at Piedmont. The media talks about issues with overwhelmed hospital staff in the wake of this summer of 2021 outbreak, and I can easily see how a situation like COVID-19 can be overwhelming. However, in my case, I never felt like I was not receiving the best treatment and the medical staff’s best effort to meet my every need.

For anyone who has already had COVID-19 and knows the helpless feeling of not being able to breathe and being unable to move, it is a very scary situation. The doctors and nurses at Piedmont did an excellent job explaining what treatment I was getting and how it combatted the virus. My first stop was on the sixth floor where the staff did an excellent job getting me adjusted to my room and explaining what my treatment would be.

Over the next three days, my condition continued to get worse and I was moved to isolation on the fifth floor where again the nurses and staff met all my needs and did a thorough job of explaining what was happening to me. With no family to turn to for information, my worsening condition was an extremely stressful time. It was during this time that I was given four treatments of Remdesivir, which made a tremendous difference in my recovery.

Fortunately for me, I did not require a ventilator, but my hospital stay was much longer than I expected, being released after 27 days. My wife was finally able to visit me after 22 days and me having been diagnosed as NON-COVID. Having to endure most of my hospital stay without any visitors was difficult; however, all the workers at the hospital did an excellent job of relieving the anxiety of not being able to have family present.

Recovery from COVID-19 is not only physical but emotional as well, and I imagine that can be a tremendous burden on health care workers. I want to personally thank all the doctors, nurses, PCTs, lab techs, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and hospital staff that attended to my care while at your facility.

I may not remember every one of your names but I remember your smiles and kind words and I was blessed to have your professional care. You did an outstanding job and the city of Newnan and Coweta County citizens should be very proud of every worker at Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

Mark French