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Autocratic mindset should have no place in Georgia politics

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Sep. 07, 2021 - 4:50 PM

Recently I traded email messages with our local senator, Matt Brass.

I started the exchange by pointing out that Gov. Kemp's "executive order blocking cities from forcing private businesses to enact mask rules, mandate vaccines or take other actions to mitigate the coronavirus" is an attack on the long-held belief of Republicans that political power should be used at the lowest possible level of government.

City and county governments should make these decisions, not the state. I asked him how Gov. Kemp can justify this seizing of power by the state.

I’ll give Sen. Brass credit for being willing to answer my email, but his reply startled me: “Because Dems have a long history of abusing the authority granted them by the state.”

I’m not here to argue what “Dems” have or haven’t done. What concerns me the most is the second half of what he sent me. He feels that Georgia cities and counties only have those powers given them by the state. Is this how Republicans think these days?

Previous generations of Republicans would have been horrified by this. I challenged Sen. Brass on this. He didn’t answer.

What Sen. Brass sent me shows an autocratic mindset. It should have no place in Georgia politics or, for that matter, American politics.

Bill Boyd