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Vaccine debate

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Aug. 24, 2021 - 6:25 PM

I have seen on the TV news and read in the NTH the constant debate over whether or not people should be vaccinated for COVID-19 for whatever reasons. The “not getting the vaccine” supporters seem to be absent in any sense of responsibility; no one should be so selfish or arrogant to believe that being vaccinated is just for their own protection.

Yes, we get vaccinated to offer protection for ourselves, but more importantly to protect the many citizens around us and consider the bigger picture of eliminating the virus or at the least controlling it. This reflects character in each person, and that is what is needed just as much as medicine.

I have seen the reports of the bad reactions, side effects and even the story of microchips being embedded in the vaccination so the government can control you in the future. Other than feeling this is largely unproven, it is highly outnumbered by the success stories of the good the vaccine has done, and this fact is undeniable.

We have seen how many people have contacted this virus, suffered or regrettably died. After the vaccine was introduced, these numbers dropped drastically for the good and life seemed to begin to take on a life of normalcy.

Then the vaccine debate began, and many people decided, for whatever reason, to refuse the vaccine, and the numbers started spiking upward again, mainly in the non-vaccinated community, where it was 90 percent plus of all reported cases.

So, what is the magic bullet to defeat this virus? No one knows at this point, but the vaccine seems to be a good starting point. The real problem at this time is the people not caring about the welfare of their fellow citizens.

We have to depend on one another in this virus battle, or we will eliminate ourselves in the end. Herd immunity depends on everyone, not just those that have accepted the vaccine already.

J.C. Watts once said, "Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking." No one will mandate the people to be vaccinated, that would breach too many personal rights, so it is up to each individual to choose "to do the right thing."

I ask that you get vaccinated, not for me, but for my wife, kids, family and my friends. I would like to think they are all protected to some extent as well.

The vaccine debate is not just a decision of whether to be vaccinated or not; it is also a debate of character in people. Just like the vaccine, either you have it or you don't.

Mike Wood