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New Coweta students urged to register

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jul. 26, 2021 - 11:34 AM

New Coweta students urged to register


Parents of students who are new to the Coweta County School System are urged to register their children early for the upcoming school year – which begins Aug. 5 – through the school system’s new online registration system.

Parents can pre-register their children by visiting and clicking on “Online Pre-Registration” under the School Registration/Records tab, then following the links to the form.

They will then be prompted to upload electronic copies (PDFs, high-quality jpeg or other photo, etc.) of required student documents and proof of residency documents.

Parents will be asked to upload the following in a digital format:

– Birth certificate for the student being enrolled – A state-issued, certified copy is required; hospital certificates are not accepted. Birth certificates may be obtained for a fee at the Coweta County Probate Court Office in downtown Newnan.

– Social Security card for the student being enrolled.

– Proof of residence – two items from the following list are required for address verification:

• Mortgage documents or a security deed which indicates the location of the residence;

• Apartment or home lease or rent receipt indicating the current address;

• Current electrical bill or an approved application for electrical service showing the current address. Please bring the entire bill, to show electrical service and address;

• Property tax records which indicate the location of the residence;

• Voter precinct identification card indicating the current address.

– State ID or driver’s license – Must be current, not expired. Students may only be registered by a biological parent or legal guardian. Proof of custody or guardianship is required if the registering adult is not the birth parent.

– Immunization certificate – Georgia Department of Human Resources immunization certificate form 3231. Students new to Georgia may be enrolled provisionally with a waiver at the time of registration.

– Hearing-Dental-Vision-Nutritional Certificate on Georgia Form 3300. Students new to Georgia may be enrolled provisionally with a waiver at the time of registration. Immunization and Hearing-Dental-Vision certificates can be obtained from the Coweta County Health Department, or from a family physician. Short-term waivers issued to students new to Georgia during registration will allow parents time to obtain the certificates, but students may be withdrawn if the certificates are not filed by the end of the waiver period.

Other documents which may be helpful during registration include custody documents, if applicable, academic transcripts and/or withdrawal forms and special education documents from previous schools, to help establish an IEP for services.

Only children who are not currently enrolled in a Coweta County school must be registered to attend school. Students who were enrolled in a Coweta County School last year do not need to register again.

Students must attend the school in their home’s district. To find out what school district serves an address, call the Coweta County School System Transportation Department at 770-254-2820.

After completing the online registration, parents will receive an email with their application status and further instructions.

Parents who do not have access to online capabilities can visit the school system’s Central Registration Center – located at 167 Werz Industrial Blvd. in Newnan – to pick up paper registration packets.

Parents with questions about the process can call the registration center at 770-254-5551 or email .