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It’s time

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jul. 14, 2021 - 8:37 AM

During my time as Pastor of First Baptist Church, Newnan, I was blessed to have the privilege of serving as Chaplain of the Newnan Cougar football team.

I found great fulfillment playing a small role in preparing the Cougars for the Friday night lights.

I remember, as if it were today, facing the challenge of preparing for a team that had been very successful against the Cougars. For this very special game, we developed the theme, “It’s Time.” The Cougars took advantage of the challenge before them and this time defeated the opponent.

This past year the coronavirus pandemic has presented our community, our nation and the world with the conflict between life and death. In recent days, it has become evident that the coronavirus vaccines have been successful in combating this dreadful disease.

These words were motivated by the morning news that Coweta and Carroll counties are in danger of experiencing a new surge of the pandemic brought on by the variant of the Delta virus.

I believe with all my heart It’s time for us to make a positive response to the awesome challenge of defeating this disease that has thrown up so many roadblocks in our life’s journey.

As a pastor and a citizen who has a deep love for this community, I believe with all my heart “It’s Time” to choose life. I believe we have the opportunity to choose life for ourselves and others as we become vaccinated.

My wife and I have received two shots of the vaccine. We did this because of our love for our family and all of God’s children. I believe this is the hour when we communicate to one another, “What happens to you makes a difference to me.”

Therefore, please let us all give serious consideration to being vaccinated. This is one way of honoring the commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Thank you for giving serious consideration to this matter, and “thank you” for the opportunity of sharing words that have been burning in my bones.

Please let us bond together in prayer for our community and all of those first responders and health care workers who give of themselves to bring hope and healing.

Yes, “It’s Time” to take the giant step of defeating the virus by being vaccinated. This very day the decision you make could be a matter of life or death.

It’s time to choose life.

Dr. Gene Tyre