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Team Hungry raising money to open coffee house

  • By Kandice Bell
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  • May. 03, 2021 - 9:54 PM

Team Hungry is working to raise $500,000, one dollar at a time to open a coffee house.

Team Hungry is a faith-based service club that encourages young people to find their gifts and talents and use them to make a difference, according to faculty sponsor Jeff Flavin of East Coweta High School.

Ruby’s Coffee House

“We would like as many people as possible to give a dollar or more,” Flavin said. “We are trying to create Christian Community and to have thousands of people give would be evidence that people believe we need to return to true community. We want a place where students and families can come together and realign while enjoying some great coffee. The name of it will be Ruby’s Coffee House.”

Flavin said while trying to think of a name for the coffee house, Ruby came to mind first.

“Everyone’s first choice was Ruby’s,” Flavin said.

Flavin said there is a place called Ruby's Prayer House in Nicaragua, a place where Ruby lived while she was alive. He said the students would often visit.

“I have brought all of my teams to her house to pray over her and with her when we would go to Nicaragua,” Flavin said. “God has shown up in mighty ways. Things have happened in that room that cannot be explained. God showed up and showed out. We want to create a place where the supernatural becomes normal in an organic, unplanned setting.”

Flavin said all money raised would be used solely for the coffee house.

“That money would secure a coffee truck/trailer, renovate the current building into a coffee house, develop the landscape second to none, and purchase the needed equipment and furniture to operate a great coffee house,” Flavin said.

Flavin said he would love to have the coffee house open this year.

“Ideally, I would like to have it open on Sept. 29 of this year, which is National Coffee Day, or Oct. 1, which is International Coffee Day,” Flavin said. “But it has always been the Lord's timing and not Flavin's.”

Flavin said the students have decided to serve Twin Engine Coffee because of its mission, which is to stop poverty, one family at a time.

Team Hungry initiatives

Flavin said Team Hungry is also working on other initiatives. The organization sponsors Sharpsburg Market the third Saturday of each month, except January and February.

Team Hungry also sponsors mission trips to Nicaragua.

“We support a school down there and we give support for two other ministries down there as well,” Flavin said. “Team Hungry students are also involved in local charities when there is a need. We don't feel we need to recreate the wheel, but support other ministries in the area.”

Flavin said the organization also aims to teach students leadership skills while helping the community.

“When the students hear of a need, it is up to them to generate the call to service,” Flavin said. “We have done tutoring at one of the elementary schools, but have been shut down because of COVID-19.”

Flavin said COVID-19 did shut the organization down for some time, but the growth since regrouping has been exponential.

“Once we finally got back into somewhat of a normal lifestyle, we have seen a 300 percent growth of students coming to POP,” Flavin said. “We meet weekly to have Prayer on the Porch (POP) to pray for our community, schools and Team Hungry needs. Students have a morning Bible study in the high school the first and third Tuesday of each month.”

Flavins said he feels blessed to be part of the “bigger picture.”

“This generation is returning back to worshiping and living for what the Lord intended each of us to accomplish while here on earth,” Flavin said. “Students desire authenticity in their faith and crave true Christian community. POP has become that for many people. We have students from every high school represented and many area local churches. It has created an excitement to see Ruby's Coffee House come to reality so they will have a place to live out this Christian community on a daily basis.”

Future plans

Flavin said Team Hungry is planning events for later in the year.

“We will be hosting something called POP Praise starting Aug. 9,” Flavin said. “ We will have area youth come together to worship and pray. We are also planning an event for Dec. 6.”

Flavin said the students are in charge of leading the events.

“All that we do is student-led and student-run and we, adults/advisors, offer valuable insight, instructions and networking to help them accomplish their task,” Flavin said.

“Given an opportunity and the faith that they can do something, teenagers can do much more than people think.”

To make a donation for Ruby’s Coffee House, visit Team Hungry’s website, or Venmo @teamhungryinc or Cashapp $teamhungryinc. A check made out to Team Hungry can be mailed to 2448 Hwy. 54, Newnan, GA 30265.