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Supreme Risk Aversion

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 04, 2021 - 4:29 PM

Supreme Risk Aversion

The Newnan Times-Herald

Did y’all hear about the Supreme Court this week wrestling with the freedom of speech issues on social media pertaining to the scope of how schools maintain order and discipline in the classroom and on playing fields?

Yep, it seems back in 2017 a 14-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was distraught over not making the cheerleading squad and decided to drop an F-bomb-laden tirade on social media which resulted in her justifiably, in my view, being suspended from the cheerleading squad for a year.

Like most things involving wayward girls, I continue to ask, “Where’s daddy?”

I am a father of three grown daughters … thanks for the many prayers, and I know without a doubt should that have happened to one of my girls, the cell phone would have been ceremoniously broken into unidentifiable pieces, the cell phone bill (which I am quite confident sweety-pie was not paying for) would have been canceled, and that darling of mine would have been paraded out behind the woodshed (and yes, I had one) where she would have been shown “the hand of wisdom to the seat of knowledge.” And no, we would not have made a federal case out of a learning moment in a family setting.

I was always raised that the school was an extension of the home in respect of seamless discipline. If the teacher said so, that was good enough for mom. Push my displeasure too far, and she might spank me for ratting out myself in the first place. Such irony.

You know what? I couldn’t care less about school rules and the collusions parents and teachers reach to maintain order, decency and even how they deal with a filthy potty-mouth little girl flipping the birdie and deservedly not making the cheerleading squad. They couldn’t take the chance future cheers wouldn’t be profanity laced and perhaps dropping her pom-poms and start flipping off the crowd.

It’s a shame her parent(s) didn’t step in and discipline her instead of making her misconduct virtuous like so many of our misguided “yoots” who push back against authority into adulthood without the guidance of a no-nonsense mother who never feared snatching them by the ear to teach them what lack of respect yields in the long run.

But I “do” care about bigger issues. Like Texas v. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin (2020) alleging election officials and judges in the four states violated the U.S. Constitution. What more important mission for the nation’s top court but to hear a case between states?

I feel like I’m rehashing the war between the states when I talk about the election's procedures being allegedly mishandled and over 200 deposed witnesses to the inaccuracies ignored. But how cowardly for the highest court in the land to come up with the same old, worn out “no standing” ruling allowing the challenge to be ignored when half the nation believed it a fraud.

I won’t give the Supreme Court a pass for fearing the culture wars and the potential for more looting, burning and death. If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen. And there are a bunch of them on the bench too old to even be around fire in the first place.

But for the present jurists … just give them a plain vanilla case, maybe one involving a naughty cheerleader or maybe a case involving playground equipment, so they can call “balls and strikes” not requiring the cerebral pursuit of wisdom or looking for longer words in the law dictionaries to impress their esteem colleagues or first year court clerks.

As for me? I ain’t impressed.

W.J. Butcher is a Coweta County resident and retired 26-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department. Send comments, kudos, and criticism to: .