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Senoia considering annexation for subdivision

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • May. 07, 2021 - 4:31 PM

Senoia considering annexation for subdivision

Sarah Fay Campbell / The Newnan Times-Herald

The proposed development is across Highway 16 from the intersection with Pylant Street. Portions of the property are already in the city, while other portions would need to be annexed.

Senoia may annex 76 acres into the city along Highway and Luther Bailey Road for a small lot subdivision, intended for those 55 and over.

The applicants, 141 South, own several contiguous tracts. Two, totaling 64 acres, are already within the city limits. The company is asking to annex three additional tracts, totaling 76 acres.

The main entrance to the development would be directly across from the current intersection Highway 16 and Pylant Street. The city limits stretch far to the west, but there are clusters of property in the area that remain in the county.

The conceptual site plan shows a 21-acre commercial area in the front along Pylant Street, with commercial out-parcels along the front, offices on the side and a potential large commercial building toward the back of the commercial site.

The applicants are then proposing to build 206 lots on the remaining 120 acres. The conceptual site plan shows the lots having no side setback, with 10 feet between homes. The plan shows a large amount of open space, much of it unbuildable wetlands.

While the development is intended for those 55 and older, that's more of a concept, and not a requirement. "We're calling it 'age targeted,'" said James Nicholson of Jeff Lindsey Communities.

During Monday's Senoia Council meeting, resident Richard Crowther asked about the lot sizes, which is yet to be determined.

The proposed development is significantly more dense than the proposed city zoning allows; however, the city does grant density bonuses, allowing more homes, when developers provide additional amenities or improvements.

The city's R-40 zoning allows for an overall density of 0.9 units per acre, with a minimum of 40 percent of the tract as greenspace.

"This is more than double that," Pearman said of the proposed density. "I haven't seen anything substantial enough, as far as a density bonus, that would satisfy my needs for the number of houses we are currently looking at.

"But that is subject to discussion," Pearman said. "That is not what we are voting on at this point in time."

Councilman Dale Reeder asked if the council could annex the property without any reference to the submitted conceptual plat.

"I think we've got a lot of talking to do," Reeder said.

Community Development Director Dina Rimi said that the developers are proposing a multi-use trail from the subdivision to Quick Road, which would link to the trail on Luther Bailey Road. The city has been requiring connectivity through the trail system for all new subdivisions.

"In my opinion that is something that is required; it is not something that would be extra," Rimi said, and therefore would not qualify for significant density bonuses.

The trail would go over some wetlands, which would require permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Rimi also recommended that the developers perform a traffic study and a water and sewer study.

Councilwoman Tracy Brady said she would like to see the trail completed before building permits are issued for homes in the subdivision.

The council voted to forward the annexation request onto Coweta County. The annexation request will then come back before the city council for a public hearing and vote on the annexation and rezoning.