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Lumber cost, annexation study groups created

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • May. 21, 2021 - 6:51 PM

Two Georgia legislative study groups have been appointed on issues that are significant to Cowetans.

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston announced on Wednesday the creation of the House Working Group on Rising Costs of Construction Materials. Also on Wednesday he appointed members of the House Study Committee on Annexation.

"We know that the rising costs of construction materials post a threat to our continued economic recovery," Ralston said. "I am appointing this working group to look into why these costs are increasing and recommend any solutions which may alleviate this burden on those building for the future."

The working group is authorized for the entirety of the 2021-22 legislative term.

The group has 13 members as well as the House Majority Leader and House Minority Leader, who will serve as ex-officio members. The members are from both parties and various areas of the state, but there are no members from Coweta or adjacent counties. The closest member to Coweta is Rep. Beth Camp of Pike County.

The study committee on annexation was created by legislation passed in the 2021 session.

The state's laws on annexation haven't changed much since 2007. Under current law, counties have very little power to stop annexations or to require developers or cities to help cover the costs counties have to bear for a city's annexation.

Counties can only object to annexations under very limited circumstances, and even with an objection, counties have very little power.

Annexations by the city of Newnan have been a particular issue with Coweta County over the past several years. The county has asked the city to require developers to contribute toward road projects with little success, and there are concerns with the impact of piecemeal annexation.

The committee is tasked with studying the conditions, needs, issues and problems related to annexation dispute resolution and the creation of new cities.