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Joe Biden knows Jim Crow

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 04, 2021 - 4:27 PM

Joe Biden knows Jim Crow

Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist?” He can be reached at

What are “Jim Crow” laws? When Georgia’s governor signed a bill requiring voter ID and strengthening rules against bribery and electioneering at the polls, the president condemned it as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

That was Joe Biden on hallucinogens.

The vilification of Georgia’s new law — which is comparable to or better than election integrity rules in many states, including Colorado and New York — does a disgraceful disservice to the cause of understanding what real Jim Crow was all about. It is like suggesting that a visit to the Six Flags theme park is just another day at the Holocaust.

Jim Crow laws and ordinances mandated racial separation in virtually all places where the public gathered — schools, restrooms, restaurants, even drinking fountains. When Rosa Parks refused to take a seat in the back of a Montgomery bus in 1955, she broke a law passed by Democrats in the Alabama legislature.

Joe Biden should know what Jim Crow was. He is head of the party that enacted it. His hero was the late Senate Democratic kingpin Robert Byrd, who was elected unanimously as Exalted Cyclops of his local Ku Klux Klan chapter. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson showed a film in the White House that glorified racism and the KKK. He spoke afterward about how good it was. Franklin Roosevelt nominated a Klan member to the Supreme Court. Jim Crow was historically a Democratic Party project in both North and South.

If you want to understand Jim Crow, read Jerrold M. Packard’s American Nightmare. It walks the reader through its origins to its demise in 1965. You will learn how such a reprehensible system was rationalized and defended, and just who rationalized and defended it.

Riveting from start to finish, an even better book is 30 Days a Black Man by Bill Steigerwald. He recounts the courageous undertaking of a true, old-school investigative journalist, Ray Sprigle of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Accompanied by John Wesley Dobbs of Atlanta and disguised as a Black man, Sprigle journeyed 4,000 miles across Jim Crow states in 1948 to witness first-hand what Black people endured in their daily lives.

Get your history from people who know what they’re talking about, not from politicians more interested in manipulating than informing.

It is indisputable, non-partisan and unvarnished historical fact, neither hyped nor one-sided: The Democratic Party owns Jim Crow. It is impossible to separate government-enforced racial discrimination from Democratic Party history. In fact, the Democratic Party has long mistreated people by group, not as independent, thinking individuals.

Democrats were the party of anti-Chinese exclusion laws after the Civil War. Woodrow Wilson resegregated the entire federal government and then dealt shamefully with Black people who served in uniform in World War I. Franklin Roosevelt snubbed Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens by inviting the white athletes in the 1936 Berlin games to the White House but not Jesse. The same FDR forcibly interned 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans in the 1940s.

Democrats spurn as “Uncle Toms” those Black people (including a sitting Supreme Court Justice) who walk off the “progressive” plantation to think for themselves. The party of Wilson, Roosevelt, Byrd and Biden also stands athwart the schoolhouse door to prevent school choice among the inner-city minorities who need it the most.

Democrats are up to their eyeballs in groupthink, collectivism, the distortion of our past and vote-buying victimhood. They create victims so they can then posture as their saviors.

History should be remembered, not rewritten. Its most painful episodes should never be trivialized by cheap, false, political rhetoric.

Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist?” He can be reached at