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#Newnan Strong

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 09, 2021 - 6:27 PM

Dear Newnan- my prayers are with each of you.

I am sorry for your great loss of homes, businesses, cars, churches, and

schools, too.

As you look about, there is devastation all around;

A loss of power, fallen trees, and debris on the ground.

You have lost much from that fierce storm.

Thanking God for preserving lives; thanking Him that you guys are uniting

and declaring #NewnanStrong as you mourn.

My prayer to God has been that He will continue to grant you all His love,

mercy, and peace.

Praying that as you rally together to help each other, your love for Jesus

and others will increase.

And that your declaration of #NewnanStrong will prolong.

Praying that as you rebuild your lives, businesses, and homes, you will

continue to bond; loving Jesus and your neighbors, because you are


May each of you know that God has not forgotten about you.

He is a kind, loving Heavenly Father; He is faithful and true!

Now- lift your eyes to God’s beautiful sky.

He is with you, or simply stated, He is nearby.

So, call on His great name, JESUS like never before.

He is here with opened arms to welcome you into His great kingdom of

love, protection, wisdom and so much more.

Yes, you are a resilient, hard-working group of people.

I am praying for your strength and courage as you rebuild your homes,

replace your cars, rebuild schools, and restore your church steeples.

May you feel His loving arms around each of you, because you’ve heralded

that you are #NewnanStrong.

May you be blessed, empowered, and encouraged all the day long.

Tracey E. Pitts