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Legislature needs to create a 'ban on the bans'

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 02, 2021 - 2:24 PM

It is critical that the Georgia state legislature step in to secure the rights of property owners who are being banned from legally renting their properties to short term renters by municipalities indiscriminately.

While the shenanigans at “party houses” are exceedingly rare, they make headlines. The reality is that short term rental owners make excellent neighbors; they invest heavily in their properties and maintain their homes well. Short-term rentals are an asset and have been shown to increase property values.

The historic structures in the state are often maintained or rebuilt by STR owners. If that can't happen, the result is often an out-of-character motel. Hence, bans often prevent historic preservation.

Most guests are well mannered, and they are heavily sanctioned immediately if they are not. Many STR owners depend on the ability to rent their properties to pay their mortgages to supplement retirement incomes, pay medical bills and help their families. Guests provide local businesses with much needed cash. And let’s not forget that state and local taxes on these rental properties generate millions for Georgia annually.

Owners must have the right to choose when and how they rent their properties. Bans on the ability to rent properties on a short-term basis are an outrageous taking of private property rights. The Georgia state legislature needs to step up and “Ban the Bans.” Call your state senator and demand they maintain your right. Legislation concerning this issue is being discussed right now.

Steve Guello

President, Short Term Rental Association of Georgia