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Arrest Log

Arrest Log: April 5 - 11

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 13, 2021 - 3:17 PM

Arrest Log: April 5 - 11

The Newnan Times-Herald

An arrest constitutes only the initiation of charges, and those arrested are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.

The arresting departments are noted: Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), Chattahoochee Hills Police Department (CHPD), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Coweta Probation (CPRB), Child Support (CLDS), Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), District Court (DC), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Georgia Department of Public Safety (DOPS), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Grantville City Court (GRTV), Grantville Police Department (GPD), Magistrate Court (MAG), Newnan City Court (NWCT), Newnan Police Department (NPD), Newnan Probation (NPRB), Palmetto Police Department (PPD), Department of Community Supervision (PARL), Private Investigator (PRIV), Senoia City Court (SNCT), Senoia Police Department (SPD), State Probation (STPR), Superior Court (SUP), U.S. Marshals (USM) or others.

Violation of probation or parole is listed as VOP, violation of the Georgia controlled substance act is listed as VGCSA, failure to appear is noted as FTA, hold for other agency is listed as HOA, family violence act is listed as FVA, failure to maintain lane is listed as FTML and driving under the influence is abbreviated DUI.

All persons arrested, except those held by orders of the magistrate or those arrested for violation of probation, are released from custody after posting bond or paying a fine.

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted:

April 5

Ayers, Nateshia Anekqua, 18 - FTA, SUP

Bandiera, Mikaela Danae, 25 - suspended license, ran red light, CCSO

Becker, Cherokee Shyanne, 27 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), drug-related objects, suspended license, no brake lights, CCSO

Bowles, Travis Lamar, 37 - DUI endangering a child, engaging in actions that distract driver, open container, child restraint violation, safety belts upstaged, failure to field, DUI, GSP

Foster, Tanisha Nicole, 34 - DUI-less safe, obstruction of officer, DUI engaging a child, child restraint violation, FTML, CCSO

Garner, Aaron Christian, 29 - probation violation, STPR

Jones, De-Shira, Renae, 24 - FTA, DUI-less safe, STA, CCSO

Kay, Devonte Orlando, 22 - HOA

Long, Cristy Leigh, 49 - narcotics possession with intent to distribute, drug-related objects, CCSO

Smith, Chad Dustin, 34 - probation violation, STPR

Tomlin, Baile Sarah, 24 - drug-related objects, CCSO

Walker, Jeremy Arnold Sr., 43 - possession of firearm by convicted felon, CCSO

White, Kyle Robert, 32 - criminal interference with government property, morphine/opium/heroin trafficking, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm by convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property, drug-related objects, CCSO

Woods, Melvin Antonia, 57 - driving while unlicensed, NPD

Yates, Nicole Rene, 34 - tampering with evidence, CCSO

April 6

Campbell, Antonio Dejuan Jr., 21 - FTA, STA

Carreker, Tierra Shawn, 25 - child restraint violation, CCSO

Cumlin, Christopher Reginald Jr., 30 - HOA

Cushenberry Boozer, Marquis Devon, 38 - burglary, NPD

Dukes, Wesley Treymayne, 40 - child cruelty, battery, CCSO

Duncan, Travis Bryan, 48 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Durden, Quavis Quentrale, 40 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), suspended license, fleeing/attempting to elude police, reckless driving, speeding, CCSO

Griffin, Tyreana Bionca, 21 - suspended registration, no proof of insurance, NPD

Harris, Jada Monique, 20 - failure to yield, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, no proof of insurance, NPD

Jones, Filimaine Montez, 27 - FTA, SUP

Lee, Leonard Mitchell Jr., 38 - battery, NPD

Mass, Gallan Alfred, 36 - burglary, NPD

Norkum, Steven Prescott, 45 - DUI-less safe, CCSO

Parks, Mautavier Jocquan, 20 - display of license plates, FTML, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), obstruction of officers, CCSO

Sprinkle, James Warren III, 26 - probation violation, CPRB

Varner, Basil Jakkar, 31 - HOA

Wardrip, Dennis Jay, 54 - suspended license, display of license plates, SPD

Whitehead, Willie Junior, 45 - suspended license, CCSO

Williams, Monique Nicole, 33 - probation violation, STPR

April 7

Bunn, Tiffany Chelsey-Leigh, 31 - HOA

Callaway, Herman Jamal, 21 - loitering or prowling, theft by receiving stolen property, probation violation, NPD, STPR

Dover, Lisa Marie, 39 - going inside guard line with weapon/liquor/drugs, purchase/possession/manufacture/distribution/sale of controlled substance-multiple counts, theft by taking, probation violation, NPD, STPR

Evans, Magic Merquice, 28 - suspended license, CCSO

Florence, Kim Camille, 48 - HOA

Geter, Adrian Devante, 28 - TFML, DUI, driving while unlicensed, probation violation, NPD, STPR

Guthrie, Amaya Michelle, 20 - driving while unlicensed, CCSO

Jackson, Willie Henry, 52 - FTA, SUP

Kelly, Anna Marie, 50 - suspended license, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, CCSO

Kendall, Autumn Renee, 18 - theft by shoplifting, SNCT

Kilgore, Robert Edward, 56 - possession of firearm by convicted felon, suspended license, license to be carried and exhibited on demand, no headlights, operating vehicle with suspended registration, display of license plates, GSP

Miller, Jamel Preston, 46 - theft by taking, NPD

Miranda, Edwardo Luis, 52 - leaving scene of accident with injury/death, driver to use due care, too fast for conditions, NPD

Revell, Codoffee Denard Sr., 33 - methamphetamine trafficking, sale/distribution/possession of dangerous drugs, GBI

Reynolds, Lula Schome, 33 - disorderly conduct, GPD

Smith, Tabatha Ann, 41 - driving while unlicensed, removing license plate to conceal vehicle ID, CCSO

St. Martin, Sabrina Michelle, 34 - criminal damage to property, CCSO

Teagle, Joshua Marquise Sr., 39 - probation violation, CPRB

Wilson, Jamarcus Deionte, 25 - probation violation, CPRB

Wolf, William David, 28 - affray, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

April 8

Abron, Nasham Jamir Jackson, 23 - fleeing from police, purchase/possession/manufacturing/distribution/sale of controlled substance-multiple counts, theft by receiving stolen property, safety belts usage, speeding, reckless driving obstruction of officers, drug-related objects, headlights required, GSP

Alexander, Derrick, 22 - narcotics possession with intent to distribute, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, CCSO

Bowles, Monica Renee, 44 - methamphetamine trafficking, GBI

Cassady, Wanya Sanquez, 20 - narcotics possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, FTML, speeding, CCSO

Harper, Ebony Shyteria, 26 - speeding, open container, DUI-less safe, CCSO

Heath, Cameron Tekeale, 22 - affray, NPD

Kirkpatrick, Cornwall Elihu V, 44 - narcotics possession, probation violation, CCSO, STPR

Neal, Reginald, 58 - probation violation, STPR

Scott, Bobby Burley, 42 - suspended license, CCSO

Smith, Chemarcus Ramos, 18 - battery, child cruelty, NPD

Smith, Sean Phillip, 47 - probation violation, STPR

April 9

Amey, Akimible Lashawn, 44 - forgery, NPD

Carson, Steven Michael, 43 - fugitive from justice, GPD

Clarke, Mario Paul, 26 - battery, unlawful acts of violence in penal institution, CCSO

Daniel, William Pleasley Jr., 32 - probation violation, CPRB

Ewing, Sarah Marie, 38 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Fetty, Joseph Michael, 54 - probation violation, CPRB

Hardy, Angel Jae, 31 - FTA, SUP

Huffman, Jonathan Mitchell, 33 - passing in no passing zone, speeding, driving while unlicensed, stop sign violation, CCSO

Itum, Taher Abdullah, 34 - HOA

Matthews, Kyshaya Denise, 19 - theft by receiving stolen property, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Munive, Raymundo, 30 - parole violation, PARL

Patrick, Bettye Renae, 28 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), illegal tint, CCSO

Pounds, Jeffery Sean, 32 - narcotics possession, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, CCSO

Ragland, Yermiah Kenton Sr., 41 - suspended license, stop sign violation, CCSO

Rembert, Earl Sr., 46 - HOA

Roscoe, Jeffery Lavarde Jr., 26 - fugitive from justice, CCSO

Thompson, Thomas Henry, 25 - HOA

Wilbanks, Thomas Mark, 59 - disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers, CCSO

April 10

Arce-Badillo, Joseph Miguel, 25 - driving while unlicensed, FTML, NWCT

Ashley, Joshua Paul Haden, 36 - theft by shoplifting, NPD

Bennett, Scott Lee, 38 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), drug-related objects, CCSO

Chandler, Suzanne Marie, 54 - suspended licensed, CCSO

Crow, Matthew Hamilton, 38 - DUI refusal, CCSO

Fernandez, Dana Jameson, 34 - DUI-less safe, SPD

Gray, Justin Lamar, 32 - suspended license, headlights required, CCSO

Harvey, Quamay Terrence, 30 - suspended license, CCSO

Irwin, Joseph Lewis, 24 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), safety belts usage, DUI, NPD

James, Destinee Christine, 26 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), ran red light, DUI-less safe, CCSO

Johnson, Cameron Tyler, 18 - DUI drugs-less safe, stopping/standing/parking prohibited in specified places, CCSO

Rivera-Sigaran, Jose Osmin, 20 - driving while unlicensed, stop sign violation, CCSO

Sanchez-Rojas, Fortino, 32 - driving while unlicensed, NPD

Tharpe, Kaylin McKenzie, 20 - narcotics possession, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), wrong way on one way street, NPD

Trent, Daisey Jean, 44 - ppm, drug-related objects, CCSO

Williams, Amanda L, 34 - fugitive from justice, CCSO

April 11

Burkinshaw, Carrie Mildred, 49 - narcotics possession, criminal trespass, CCSO

Bush, Chrystal Leigh, 47 - DUI refusal, no taillights, SPD

Conley, Kewann Darrius, 27 - suspended license, speeding, driver to use due care, open container, GSP

Ferguson, Anglia Gay, 64 - FTA, STA

Florence, Stanley Marquez, 35 - limited driving permit conditions, CCSO

Jackson, Hayden Mitchell, 25 - purchase/possession/manufacture/distribution/sale of controlled substance-multiple counts, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, drug-related objects, safety belts usage, CCSO

Martinez-Soria, Fernando, 28 - driving while unlicensed, speeding, GSP

McCall, Tarshinna Deaunta, 31 - fugitive from justice, GSP

McGuffey, Jacob Evan, 33 - fraud, CCSO

Pirani, Zeyn Mathewsayyed, 20 - aggravated assault, interfering with calls for emergency assistance, criminal damage to property, narcotics possessions, CCSO

Roberson, Jennifer Murray, 45 - criminal trespass, CCSO

Slaughter, Sabrina Elaine, 24 - HOA

Thomas, James Briana, 28 - aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, theft by taking, battery, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Uddin, Lisa Marie, 42 - operating vehicle without registration, FTML, open container, DUI-less safe, CCSO

Walters, Anthony Vanndarrin, 25 - fleeing from police, improper turn, FTML, suspended license, reckless driving, speeding, CCSO

Wilkes, Luther Cee, 51 - suspended license, NPD