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Students resume regular schedule March 1

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Feb. 24, 2021 - 4:27 PM

Students resume regular schedule March 1

The Newnan Times-Herald

Daily face-to-face classes will resume for all students in the Coweta County School System on March 1.

In a letter sent to families Feb. 23, school officials say COVID-19 activity in Coweta County has improved, and high schools will drop the hybrid week-on, week-off schedules they have implemented since the second semester began in January.

“All students who have opted for face-to-face instruction may return for daily in-person instruction on March 1,” the letter stated.

However, all three high schools also will allow students to choose to attend classes virtually March 1-12, even if they opted for face-to-face classes. No registration is necessary, but the school system is asking parents to commit to virtual instruction for the entire two-week period.

In late 2020, parents were asked to commit to either virtual or in-person classes for their children for the entire second semester. The community COVID-19 transmission rate remained high when the second semester began in January, prompting Coweta high schools to move to a hybrid schedule through the end of February.

School officials said the move helped reduce the number of students on campus each day, ensuring social distancing measures could be enforced.

Parents of high school students who committed to in-person instruction, but who may have concerns about their children returning to school March 15 should contact their school principals.

Students who committed to virtual instruction will continue to learn remotely for the remainder of the second semester.

Elementary and middle schools resumed normal operations in January, but guidelines for students who had opted for in-person instruction during the second semester were relaxed to allow for some virtual instruction at parents’ discretion.

On March 1, all elementary and middle school students who opted for face-to-face classes will return to daily in-person instruction for the remainder of the semester. Students in grades K-8 who have opted for virtual instruction will be expected to continue learning remotely for the remainder of the semester.

Parents of students who committed to in-person instruction but who may have concerns about their children returning to school on March 1 should contact their school principals.

Coweta school officials say they will continue to utilize current precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the school system. That includes requiring mask/face coverings, expanded cleaning and disinfecting of schools, social distancing where possible, health checks and contact tracing.

“While local COVID-19 transmission levels are decreasing, the disease is still active within our community,” the letter reads. “We anticipate that these mitigation measures will remain in effect through at least the end of the current school year.”

In addition, school system staff will continue to assess school operations based on guidance from state and federal health officials and community COVID-19 conditions, according to the letter.

If local conditions change or the number of school cases rise unexpectedly, Coweta Schools may opt for additional measures on a system-wide or school-by-school basis.

For example, Glanton Elementary School, Madras Middle School and Elm Street Elementary School temporarily suspended in-person classes in January after a spate of infections. All three schools returned to classes after about a week.

All students were off Feb. 15-19 for winter break.