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Make school board meetings boring again

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Feb. 17, 2021 - 9:47 AM

I want to let our school board, superintendent, principals and employees of the Coweta County School System know that I, my family and thousands of other local families are grateful for your hard work ensuring the safety and success of our students.

The accolades are too many to mention. From Puddle Jumpers to the nationally acclaimed CEC, this system is a model for the nation. In many ways, you are the glue that holds much of our community together — as we have seen especially over the last year.

I do not understand why one board member, and one board member alone, has chosen to make herself the constant center of attention and draw attention away from the important work of our school board. It has been a pattern going on for years.

Whether it is creating scandals with state Republican party leaders that cost our school board $100,000, orchestrating email campaigns against her own school board and superintendent, or reflexively threatening to sue constituents that dare speak against her in public comments, I simply do not understand why a school board member, any school board member anywhere in the country, chooses to repeatedly act this way.

I have seen this person calling for “revolts” against her own school board, her colleagues. What does that even mean? Why can’t we just let the school board do its job instead of creating revolts and scandals? I think that is all that the citizens of this county are asking for.

My question is, why is she making this nonpartisan job such a political position? What is she gaining? Notoriety? Is she some kind of celebrity in her online circles?

Sadly, every time she chooses to put herself into the news — whether by making public posts attacking immigrants, Muslims, people questioning their sexual identity, or choosing to go to rallies well-advertised in advance as attempts to overthrow a legitimate election and then brag about it — she is choosing to take precious time and resources from our county’s children.

She uses her free speech to purposely create controversy and knows people will then use their free speech to denounce her. Any red-blooded American that cares about their children would.

Whatever her reasons, I do know that in these trying times the students of that district deserve a school board member that does not constantly go out and seek controversy. The story is really getting old. Someone more deserving should be sitting in that seat.

Let’s make school board meetings boring again.

Cole McSpadden