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Piedmont Newnan Hospital a bright light in Coweta County

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jan. 13, 2021 - 2:07 PM

Margaret and I subscribe to and read two papers: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published in Atlanta and our local paper The Newnan Times-Herald published in Newnan.

This week Mike Robertson, Piedmont Newnan Hospital CEO, had a piece in the Letters to the Editor section of the NTH. In his letter, Mike discussed the hospital’s increased demands caused by the third wave of COVID-19 patients. Still, he said that only about 9 percent of COVID-19 cases result in hospitalization, which is like other systems in Georgia. He discussed the ways that the hospital was managing the situation.

On the front page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this Sunday morning, Jan. 10, 2021, is the following headline: “Health Care System in Georgia on Brink.” I read this article in its entirety, which for the most part paints an extremely negative picture. For those of you not familiar with the AJC, it is — like most large newspapers in the USA — very liberal in content. (I still like the sports and international sections). After reading all the two-page commentary, this was the conclusion and I quote: “The rapid spread of the virus is a harrowing portrait of a national failure under the Trump administration to contain the pandemic.” Nothing new there; it is Trump’s fault.

Now I want to share some good news and facts that I experienced first-hand. On Christmas Eve I was admitted to the Emergency Room at Newnan Piedmont Hospital. After extensive testing, it was determined that I had COVID-19 and COVID-19 pneumonia and was assigned a room on the 6th floor. The hospital has two floors dedicated for COVID-19 patients only. Because of my high fever and heavy oxygen requirements, I was moved the next day to the 5th floor, which has more monitoring equipment and staff to handle patients requiring a closer watch. The hospital doctors set up a treatment schedule and began administering drugs such as Remdesivir that began their work. I stabilized and slowly began to improve. In two weeks, on Jan. 7, I was dismissed.

As a prior patient let me paint an upbeat picture of Newnan Piedmont. The nurses, PCTs, techs and lab people were first class. They came around the clock to give me shots, pills, change bedpans and monitor vital signs. The staff was always friendly, and I looked forward to seeing each. Remember that a COVID-19 floor is not easy on the staff because before opening my door and stepping inside the room, a person had to dress in PPE (personal protection equipment), such as a gown, gloves, mask and shield. When exiting the room, the gown and gloves were removed and placed in a trash container.

I must mention Mary Ann in Dietary. She called each day to see what meals I would like. Mary Ann had one of the sweetest and cheeriest voices in the hospital. She sounded so pleasant, it would be like an angel on the house phone. Her call made my day.

Finally, let me say that yes there is much to lament about in this world, but it is not at Newnan Piedmont Hospital in Newnan, Georgia.

Gordon Kilgore

Sharpsburg, GA