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Hawks protecting the nest despite shaky start to season

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jan. 13, 2021 - 4:46 PM

Hawks protecting the nest despite shaky start to season



After a five-game losing skid, the Heritage Hawks seem to be getting things back on track after winning their second game in a row.

The Hawks defeated Landmark Christian in their third home game, 52-27. Despite the rough start to the season, the Hawks have stayed true to their mantra of protecting the nest with a 2-1 home record.

The Hawks zone defense proved to be the deciding factor in the 25-point victory over the winless War Eagles; the ferocious zone limited the visiting team to a mere six points at the half. Sophomore guard Ellis Coggin led the defensive onslaught with his quick hands and great basketball IQ, recording six out of the 11 team steals made by the Hawks.

Coach Joab Jerome praised Coggin and his hard work.

“He’s very aware on defense and has a knack for coming up with deflections,” Jerome said. “Those steals really helped us, especially in the first half to pull out to a lead.”

The Hawks capped off their winning performance with three players in double digits, including crafty left-handed freshman Max Skidmore, who led the team once again with 13 points, after his 22-point eruption last Saturday afternoon against Wesleyan.

Juniors Emanuel Melvin and Owen Markel followed the freshman’s performance, combining for a solid 23 points and 10 rebounds.

Coming out of halftime up 26-6, the Hawks reverted from their suffocating zone defense back to the standard man defense, and suddenly the game got interesting when Landmark’s senior guard Dylan Span turned into a one-man wrecking crew, scoring 12 points in the third quarter.

Span also added three steals and scored over half his team’s points with 16 points in the losing effort.

After the game, Jerome had nothing but positive words to say on the outlook for the rest of the season.

“We just have to keep building,” he said. “In December we played a lot of big-time schools and took our beatings, but coming into the new year 2-0 is not bad, so we just have to keep building for the rest of the year.”

Heritage will look to extend their win streak to three games and turn the road games woes around as they prepare to take on the (5-5) LaGrange Grangers Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The Hawks will gladly welcome back 6-foot-4 freshmen Peyton Usher.

Photos by Arvon Bacon

Emanuel-Melvin-The-Heritage-2021-1.JPG?mtime=20210111195932#asset:56917Emanuel Melvin was the second-leading scorer with 12 points; Melvin also hit the boards hard with five rebounds.Leath-Haddad-The-Heritage-2021.jpg?mtime=20210111195933#asset:56918Leath Haddad knocking down the open jumper. Max-Skidmore-The-Heritage-2021.jpg?mtime=20210111195934#asset:56919Max Skidmore was the leading scorer for the Hawks, finishing with 13.


Ellis-Coggin-picks-the-pocket-of-Landmark-forward-Evan-Martinez.-He-finished-the-evening-with-six-steals.JPG?mtime=20210111195935#asset:56921Ellis Coggin picks the pocket of Landmark's forward, Evan Martinez. He also finished the evening with six steals.Emanuel-Melvin-The-Heritage-2021.JPG?mtime=20210111195935#asset:56920Emanuel Melvin makes a tough contact layup. He was the second-leading scorer with 12 points. Max-Skidmore-Heritage-2021.JPG?mtime=20210111195937#asset:56922Max Skidmore was the leading scorer for the Hawks, finishing with 13.C2G0101.jpg?mtime=20210111201554#asset:56923C2G0093.jpg?mtime=20210111201555#asset:56924C2G0068.jpg?mtime=20210111201556#asset:56926C2G0088.jpg?mtime=20210111201556#asset:56925C2G0036.jpg?mtime=20210111201558#asset:56928C2G0042.jpg?mtime=20210111201558#asset:56927C2G0035.jpg?mtime=20210111201559#asset:56929C2G0001.jpg?mtime=20210111201600#asset:56931C2G0009.jpg?mtime=20210111201600#asset:56930C2G9990.jpg?mtime=20210111201601#asset:56932C2G9978.jpg?mtime=20210111201602#asset:56933C2G9976.jpg?mtime=20210111201603#asset:56934C2G9959.jpg?mtime=20210111201604#asset:56936C2G9962.jpg?mtime=20210111201604#asset:56935C2G9957.jpg?mtime=20210111201605#asset:56937C2G9942.jpg?mtime=20210111201606#asset:56939C2G9953.jpg?mtime=20210111201606#asset:56938C2G9920.jpg?mtime=20210111201607#asset:56941C2G9922.jpg?mtime=20210111201607#asset:56940C2G9919.jpg?mtime=20210111201608#asset:56942