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Election questions

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jan. 12, 2021 - 6:50 PM

In my 61 years as a registered voter in Coweta County, I cannot recall that I ever missed a local, state or national election as I considered that a personal freedom to express Americanism. Did I feel secure in casting my vote that it was not altered? Yes. This year I have begun to have doubts as there have been too many changes to make it convenient for voters to secure a ballot and return any way they choose.

I also have questions concerning the many action groups that have called encouraging my husband to return his absentee ballot, using his full name. How did these callers know his name and that he had an absentee ballot, one that was not requested but mailed, we assumed from the registrar's office. It was not used, but returned at the polls on election day. Possible fraud in my mind came on Saturday before the election on Tuesday. The caller asked for my Mother, by her given name, Alma. My Mother died in 1987 and had not voted in person for several years before due to health issues. I personally asked for her name to be removed when she received a card designating her polling place after her death.

I was so stunned that I missed the opportunity to hear what they had to say as I informed the caller that she had died.

I have wished so many times that I had gone along with this caller let them believe that I was Alma to hear the "pitch"

I sincerely hope the legislature will consider changing the absentee ballot rules. Mail-in ballots are a real joke. How many of you are still getting Christmas cards dated before December 25?

Pat Craven