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Coweta Schools to remain on modified operations Jan. 25-Feb. 5

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jan. 20, 2021 - 4:07 PM

Coweta Schools to remain on modified operations Jan. 25-Feb. 5

Photo courtesy CCSS

The Coweta County School System will continue with modified operations from Jan. 25-Feb. 5 due to ongoing elevated levels of COVID-19 activity in Coweta.

In order to maintain school operations with lower numbers in the classroom, parents were notified Wednesday that schools will continue to operate on a modified format after this week, according to a press release from the school system.

All high schools will continue the new semester with at least two weeks of cohort hybrid instruction, one week in-person and one week virtual for students, starting Monday, Jan. 25.

For students who have opted for in-person instruction, those with last names beginning with A-K may attend next week, Jan. 25-29, and students with last names beginning with L-Z may attend the week after, Feb. 1-5. Students will attend classes virtually when not in person. Students who have opted for virtual-only second semester instruction remain virtual-only.

More information about cohort hybrid scheduling is posted on high school websites. Families who face difficulties because of this model may contact their school’s principal to discuss alternate arrangements.

This approach will reduce the number of students in daily attendance during the current increase in COVID-19, according to the release. The school system will continue to assess COVID-19 conditions, and may return to full daily face-to-face instruction for those who choose it by Feb. 8.

All elementary and middle schools will continue the new semester both in-person and online, as parents have chosen for the second semester. Additionally, all parents who have chosen in-person instruction for their elementary and middle school child will continue to have the option of virtual instruction.

If a family has opted for in-person student instruction for the second semester, but wishes to continue virtually, they can do so Jan. 25-Feb. 5. No sign-up is necessary for this option, but parents are asked to commit to continued virtual instruction for this two-week period if they so choose.

The school system said that this continuation of flexibility for parents, and hybrid schedules for high schools, has reduced the numbers of students in school for face-to-face instruction during the current increase in COVID-19 activity in Coweta County. This has reduced the impact on schools from the current local increase in COVID-19 cases, and limited the numbers of students and staff quarantined due to close exposures.

If this approach does not sufficiently mitigate COVID-19 conditions, the school system may opt for additional measures on a system-wide or school-by-school basis.

The Coweta County School System will continue to make assessments about school operations beyond Feb. 5 on the basis of health guidance, COVID-19 conditions within the community, and on a school-by-school basis.