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Watch tonight's East Coweta - Newnan game here!

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Nov. 21, 2020 - 12:14 PM

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Watch tonight's East Coweta - Newnan game here!

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Fans who missed out on tickets can still be part of the action as streaming options for viewing and listening online will be available here:

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Many fans hoping to get their hands on tickets for Friday’s football matchup between East Coweta and Newnan came away empty-handed when the game sold out in minutes.

The longstanding Coweta rivalry always pulls a crowd, but the winner of this year’s game will come away with more than bragging rights. No. 5-ranked East Coweta (8-1) and No. 7-ranked Newnan (9-0) will be battling for the Region 2-7A championship.

Tickets were an even hotter commodity than usual, with just 1,850 seats available at East Coweta’s Shoemake Stadium because of COVID-19 safety precautions. The two schools agreed to parcel out tickets the same way they do every year – two-thirds to the host team and one-third to the visitor.

Unsurprisingly, fans snapped up the tickets as soon as they were released on the schools’ GoFan sites at 9 a.m. Monday.

“It’s the biggest rivalry in Coweta County as well as the region championship,” said Dean Jackson, public information officer for the Coweta County School System. “There’s tremendous excitement about the game, and there was a tremendous fan reaction once the tickets were released on GoFan.”

The school system has restricted all three high school stadiums to 30 percent capacity to ensure social distancing for fans in the stands since the beginning of football season, and Friday is East Coweta’s first sellout.

Other health and safety protocols, which have been reviewed and approved by the Georgia Department of Public Health and other officials – also will be strictly enforced.

“All of the rules we’ve had in place throughout this entire season will apply,” Jackson said, adding that guidelines are closely aligned with those of most college and professional sports events.

For instance, all students, staff and fans are expected to wear adequate masks or face coverings when entering and exiting the stadium, and to wear them while on campus when social distancing is not possible in order to protect at-risk staff and community members.

Stadium seating will be marked off for social distancing in the stands, and all students and guests are asked to respect social distancing requirements. Families and households can sit together. Otherwise, fans are asked to keep distance between themselves and other fans.

Concession stands will have pre-packaged food for purchase. Students and guests who are 6 feet apart at all times may choose to take their masks off to eat and drink. All students and guests are asked to keep their masks on while moving around the athletic facilities, to avoid congregating if possible, and to maintain social distancing as much as possible.

After the games, families and students are encouraged to continue to maintain social distancing inside or outside the stadium as they depart.

Fans who missed out on tickets can still be part of the action as streaming options for viewing and listening online will be available here: