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The Debate: Picking the ‘All Coweta County’ team

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Nov. 21, 2020 - 4:43 PM

The Debate: Picking the ‘All Coweta County’ team

The Newnan Times-Herald

I have had the privilege of closely watching high school football for the last 30 years.

After starting this journey in 1990 with Newnan High super supporter Walter Moss, we didn’t miss a single Newnan High School football game until 2007.

Walter, the father of future Newnan High School players Tony Moss and David Teagle, and band member Taneisha Moss, were serious about not only attending the games but arriving an hour early.

We followed Northgate and East Coweta games when Newnan wasn’t playing. In 2007, with the assistance of Emmanuel Bridges Sr., Tony Moss, Clifford Bridges Jr. and David “Snake” Godfrey, we started “Empowered 4 Life,” which gave us a chance to be involved closely with all three programs.

We were the mentor of so many student-athletes in our county. We watched all three teams play, which lad me to ask the question: Who was the best? Who was the best player? Best team? Best coach?

I have my list: the all-time best Coweta County football players.

This county has produced so many big-time players. After consulting with Walter Moss, we have come up with our list.

We have also included the best team list which was so hard when you think about the Newnan early 90’s team with the fastest backfield in the nation, the loaded East Coweta mid 90’s team, the EC team that went to the Final 4, the Newnan team lead by Tyler Horne, Goodman, Steagall and that defense or the 2008-2010 Newnan squad.

We can ask the question, how would that Northgate squad led by James Skalaski and those two 1,500-yards rushers stack up?


All Coweta County Team (Public)

MVP: Alec Ogletree

Best Offensive Player: Derrick Steagall - Newnan

Best Defensive Player: Ernest Mitchell - Newnan

Best Coach: East Coweta Danny Cronic

Best Team: Newnan Football 2008


DT QB - Dantre Clements - East Coweta

PP QB - Russell Powell - Newnan

RB - Tony Portress - Newnan

RB - Marvin Smith - East Coweta

RB - Tay Willis - East Coweta

WR - Karsten Bailey - East Coweta

WR - Durell Steagall - Newnan

WR - Alan Bonner - Newnan

WR - Markell Boston - East Coweta

TE - Keith Brooking - East Coweta

TE - James Warner - Newnan

OL - Ray Beno - Newnan

OL - Sergio Render - Newnan

OL - Ryan Storms - East Coweta

OL - Adam Herring - Newnan

OL - Micheal Cheevers - Newnan

OL - Roydrell Alford - Newnan

AP - Corey Bridges - Newnan


DL - Eric Geter Jr. - Newnan

DL - Santaz Mays - Newnan

DL - Deandre Johnson - Northgate

DL - Tony Moss - Newnan

DL - Eric Emerson - East Coweta

LB - Rod Strickland - Newnan

LB - James Skalski - Northgate

LB - Jeremiah Gemmel - East Coweta

LB - Zander Ogletree - Newnan

LB - Emmanuel Bridges Jr. - Newnan

DB - Tray Matthews - Newnan

DB - John Keith - East Coweta

DB - Antwoine Nolan - East Coweta

DB - Chris Young - East Coweta

DB - David Godfrey - Newnan

K- Will Lutz - Northgate

P- Chris Hanson - East Coweta

KR - Gerald Green - East Coweta

PR - Jamal Ransby - Newnan

Athlete - Rod Gray - Newnan

Honorable Mention

Brad Hill - East Coweta

Derrick Holloway - East Coweta

Marlon Cruver - Northgate

Brantley Kendall - East Coweta

Peyton Usher - Northgate

Preston Stricklin - East Coweta

Tyler Horne - Newnan

Cedric Stegall - East Coweta

Kendreas Wynn - Newnan

Devontae Brown - East Coweta

Mark Jordan - East Coweta

Van Tucker - Newnan

Dedrick Riley - East Coweta

Ton Evans - Northgate

Mitch Stewart - Northgate

Lamar Gay - East Coweta

Kenny Strozier - Northgate

Fernando Phillips - Newnan

Nathan Cronic - East Coweta

Lendell Arnold - Newnan

Emmanuel Bridges Sr. - Newnan

Carson Bird - Northgate

Lamar Gay - East Coweta

Brandon Facyson - Northgate

James Godfrey - Newnan

Tim McGill - East Coweta

Adam Strakose - Newnan

Alex Holloway - East Coweta

Derrick White - East Coweta

Demiko Goodman - Newnan

Kyle Cater - Northgate

Eric Horsley - East Coweta

Zack Smith - East Coweta

Charles Wood - Newnan

Drew Latham - Northgate

Chris Robinson - Newnan

Alex Lakes - Northgate

Renaldo Warner - Newnan

Quinton Arnold - Newnan

Antonio Strobridge - East Coweta

Andre Morris - Northgate

Woody Waters - Newnan

Jarvis Hill - East Coweta

Thomas Darrah - Newnan

Adrian Colton - Newnan

Stanford Philpot - East Coweta

Chris Reid - East Coweta

Derrick A. Teagle is the founder and director of Empowered 4 Life, a local athletic mentoring program and co-host of the 'Monday Night Motivation' radio show.