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Trammell is a hands-on legislator

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Oct. 20, 2020 - 3:07 PM

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Rep. Bob Trammell’s detractors accuse him of being the representative for District 132 in name only.

You decide. As minority leader of the Georgia House, Bob has tirelessly advocated for Medicaid expansion so that those in the district who need better health care can get it.

Bob has worked for our educational system by trying to stop the GOP from cutting a billion dollars from education during a pandemic. Bob has talked and worked with educators in all three counties to understand the needs for teachers and students.

Since January, Bob has been working on environmental pollution so farmers, dairymen, sheep and goat farmers — those who make their living from the land — will not suffer the effects of illness and even death from contaminated water and land.

When he learns of specific needs of groups or individuals, he responds — connecting LaGrange COVID-infected inmates with help, responding to a constituent whose son had a terminal illness and could not get treatment because of insurance, responding to a teen with issues needing clearing so he could get in the military.

Another constituent contacted Bob and got help with an animal rights issue.

Constituents just need to contact Bob, talk with him, discuss their needs as individuals. You be the judge. Does that sound like “in name only” to you?

Sara Jane Skinner