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The United States is no longer

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Oct. 30, 2020 - 3:35 PM

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The United States of America is no more. We are the Fractured States of America. We have been heading toward this divide for the last 5 years. The constant battle between political parties is now about to destroy us. Blue state versus red state, conservative versus liberal and constitutional interpretations aimed at controlling power will eventually end our precious freedoms.

A pandemic is among us and is killing our loved ones. It does not matter where it came from. Gallant people have fought the virus but it is still raging within the country after 7 months. The Chinese required stringent measures to successfully control the virus in 3 months. Sadly, certain leaders and citizens do not want to impose the same procedures. Some are more concerned about the economy.

If you forget history then you are doomed to repeat it. In 1933 the German people were desperate for jobs. Hitler and his political party said they would make Germany great within ten years. After two years he became dictator. Are we to make the same mistake Germany made by neglecting all the warning signs about the Trump administration?

I am an independent voter. People need to quit believing everything they see on social media or one national news station. I check at least two different national news stations each night to get a well-rounded view of what is happening across our nation.

We do not need to go to the moon or to Mars. We do not need to send rockets to distant planets or asteroids. I could care less if life or water may be on other planets. We live on this planet and our tax money should be spent to improve our crumbling infrastructure, address the 25 trillion dollar debt, and help our citizens less fortunate.

We are not great and will not be until we come together, and elect true leaders in Congress and the Presidency who will work for all citizens.

Jim Watkins