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The Shenanigan Sheet

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Oct. 07, 2020 - 4:19 PM

The Shenanigan Sheet

The Newnan Times-Herald

Note to Readers: Information presented here is obtained from the city police and sheriff's offices. Individuals listed in reports who have been charged with a crime have not been proven guilty in court.

A Newnan man was arrested after crashing into a parked car and fleeing from the scene.

Monday afternoon, deputies responded to East Wedgewood Circle after a homeowner reported her car being struck by another car that left the scene.

Deputies followed an oil trail left on the roadway to a nearby house where a man was seen covering his blue Toyota Prius with a tarp.

The man told deputies the damage was sustained after he hit a wall the previous week.

Based on the damage to the car, deputies concluded it was the same car involved in the previous hit and run incident.


A local woman was arrested after threatening to shoot up a hotel.

Last Thursday, deputies responded to the Red Roof Inn, where they met with an employee of the hotel who stated a couple had stayed at the hotel and refused to leave.

When he called 911, the woman said she would “shoot the building up” when he called the police. The couple was found inside a nearby restaurant.

The woman admitted to threatening to shoot up the building and was arrested for terroristic threats. The man was released from the scene.


A man was arrested after stealing $3,000 from his girlfriend’s lockbox.

Police were called to the woman’s home where she reported keeping $3,000 in cash in a metal lockbox with a key in close proximity.

The woman’s husband and daughter denied any knowledge of the missing cash. When interviewed by police, the woman’s boyfriend also denied knowledge.

The victim said her boyfriend was supposed to start the police academy but failed the polygraph.

The boyfriend was later arrested on theft by taking charges.


Tuesday, deputies performed a traffic stop on the interstate after an Alabama car appeared to have darker than normal window tint.

When asked if there was anything illegal in the car, the driver admitted to possessing marijuana, which was later recovered in the center console and trunk of the car. Deputies found an estimated pound of marijuana, along with $1,493 in cash in the vehicle.

A 9mm handgun with three loaded magazines was found inside the car. The gun was reported stolen out of the Columbus area by an owner who said it was recently taken from inside his truck.


Early Saturday morning, deputies attempted a traffic stop on a Toyota Corolla driving erratically on the interstate near mile marker 47.

The driver of the Corolla failed to stop for deputies, and a brief pursuit saw speeds of 100 mph up to exit 51, where the car ran the red light and continued south on Highway 154.

The car then turned into Newnan Self Storage on Highway 154 before reaching a dead end. Both the driver and passenger fled from the car and into the wood line. A backseat passenger was removed from the car and cuffed.

A K-9 was sent to help secure the perimeter, and the driver was apprehended a short while after. The man admitted he was drunk and was charged with fleeing, obstruction of police and several traffic violations.