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School calendars available for public comment

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Oct. 20, 2020 - 6:15 PM

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School calendars available for public comment

The Newnan Times-Herald

Full-week holidays or more frequent breaks? Stick to a more traditional schedule or mix it up a little? The Coweta County School System wants to know what you think.

Proposed academic calendars for 2021-22 and 2022-23 are up for public review and comment at . Three versions of each year’s calendar will remain online through Nov. 5, along with a survey that can be found at .

The Coweta County Board of Education will consider public input on the calendars and the school system’s holiday schedule as members prepare to adopt a final version for each year.

The proposed calendars follow the format used by the Coweta County School System for the last several years. Each calendar includes 180 days of student instruction, divided either into two 90-day semesters or 89-day and 91-day semesters.

The first semester ends in December to allow for high school course completion and final exams before the Christmas holidays.

All calendars also include:

• A Labor Day holiday

• A mid-October student holiday (two teacher workdays)

• A Thanksgiving holiday (3 or 5 school days)

• A Christmas and New Year's Holiday (10 or 8 school days)

• A Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday

• A full-week mid-Winter holiday in February

• A full-week Spring holiday in April

• the school year ending before Memorial Day

Two teacher work days are planned in March. In case of weather-related school closures, those days will be used as makeup days.

The first calendar option closely follows the current school calendar, while the second and third options shorten some breaks.

Option 1 includes a full week of Thanksgiving break, two full weeks of Christmas and New Year’s break, and a full week of winter break in February. School would start on Thursday, Aug. 5 and end on Friday, May 27 in 2021.

Option 2 shortens the Thanksgiving Break to three days. School would start on Monday, Aug. 9 and end on Friday, May 27 in 2021.

Option 3 shortens the Christmas and New Year's break to eight days. School would start Monday, Aug. 9 and end on Friday, May 27 in 2021.