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Tomorrow is National Grandparents Day

  • By Kandice Bell
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  • Sep. 12, 2020 - 12:31 AM

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Tomorrow is National Grandparents Day

Photo courtesy Kathy Wilson

Coweta grandmother Estelle Lantzy loves to read, especially to her great-grandchildren. Lantzy reads to one of her great-granddaughters, Samantha Hill. Lantzy worked at the Clayton County Library System, and she frequently read to children at storytime, according to her daughter, Kathy Wilson. Sometimes she used dolls during the stories, which Wilson said the children enjoyed.

Tomorrow is National Grandparents Day, which presents the opportunity for people to honor and celebrate grandparents.

National Grandparents Day was formally signed into law by former President Jimmy Carter back in 1978, according to . It was also made official from a presidential proclamation on Sept. 6, 1979, which declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day has both an official flower and song, according to .

The official flower is the forget-me-not, and the song is Johnny Prill’s “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa.” Both were chosen by the National Grandparents Day Council.

Although this day is largely celebrated in the United States, various countries have also joined in on the fun of commemorating this special day. Countries like South Sudan, Poland, Canada, France, Germany, Estonia, UK and Australia have different dates of celebration, according to Day Finders.

To celebrate this day, people do various things with their grandparents, such as eating out for lunch or dinner or spending the day at their grandparents’ house.

Interesting facts about grandparents

– About one-third of the population is composed of grandparents.

– About 1.7 million people become grandparents each year.

– According to surveys, about 72 percent of people believe that being a grandparent is the most important thing that they can do in their lifetime.

– Sixty percent of grandparents still work either full or part-time.

– Seventy-five percent of grandparents are online, while 45 percent of them have social media accounts.

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