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Georgia State Patrol reports spike in DUI arrests

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  • Aug. 04, 2020 - 4:24 PM

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Georgia State Patrol reports spike in DUI arrests

The Newnan Times-Herald

Driving under the influence arrests tripled from the previous month, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

Georgia State Patrol Troopers from Post 24 in Newnan reported 10 arrests for DUI in July, 7 more than reported in the previous month.

Troopers investigated 49 traffic crashes in July, which resulted in 15 injuries and 1 fatality, according to Sergeant First Class Mike Searcy.

Troopers made 804 traffic stops and issued 557 traffic citations in July. This total included 371 citations for speeding, 31 seatbelt violations and 42 child restraint violations.

Searcy encouraged drivers to pay attention to their surroundings as they drive and not be distracted by things inside the vehicle, especially mobile devices, as 22 percent of all crashes and 16 percent of all fatal crashes were caused by some form of distraction occurring within three seconds of the crash.

“All Post 24 Troopers are working to keep you and your family safe as you travel on Georgia roadways,” Searcy said. "Troopers have devoted themselves to serving the public in this capacity and appreciate your support by obeying traffic laws, remaining free of distractions while driving and always being alert. Together, we can keep our roadways safe.”

The Georgia State Patrol is hiring and the application deadline for the upcoming Trooper School is Aug. 9. To apply online, visit .