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The ‘Raw Deal’ in America

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jul. 10, 2020 - 5:06 PM

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A football player uses a peaceful kneeling gesture to draw attention to the painful reality that black men and women are getting a 'Raw Deal' in America.

The Raw Deal is the reality that as a black person, or any person of color for that matter, can be arrested, tried and executed by excessive force policing: often caught on videotape.

The offending officers are not charged or arrested and are sometimes even promoted. This kneeling for our National Anthem in peaceful protest was met with the harshest criticism imaginable — cursed by President Trump as disrespect.

Even when Colin Kaepernick was asked why he knelt, and gave the above reasons, our President declared before the nation that Colin Kaepernick's kneeling wasn’t a protest against police brutality and unequal justice against black people as he said it was, but that his keeling was meant to disrespect our anthem, our troops and our flag.

Never mind what the player said his reason for kneeling was … it did not matter, because Kaepernick is black. Remember now, that his black life does not matter, so how could he possibly know anything about police brutality and injustice in a culture that has seldom acknowledged that black life has ever mattered? Witness the discriminatory laws on our books. Let's just use the 3/5 of a person law of 1800 as an example.

Fact: African Americans have given … freely … given everything they "know how to give" to America, and have only asked to be treated as God has decreed; all men are created equal.

But has black life ever mattered? So a movement was invented out of necessity.

If black lives don't matter to anyone else, it matters to the ones who have nothing else to give but their very lives.

Systemic laws set up by our government have prohibited black people from ever participating fully in the benefits of the same wars that they were drafted for, fought in, and bled and died for. Plus the systems continue even now? Yes!

The Black Lives Matter movement was born out of systemic racism against a people who did nothing to earn this ugly, horrible treatment. That’s why we are embroiled in the BLM movement.

Make no mistake, other organizations are springing up to help this noble cause. The local group Citizens for Positive Reform, being one, is working to finally help unite our divided America.

The Coweta County Democratic Party and the NAACP are other local units that stand up, stand beside and support BLM and Citizens for Positive Reform in calling for reform in our police and our judicial system. The time’s always right to do right.

"Injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere." — Martin Luther King Jr.

White silence is violence! Speak up!

America can never be what she should be until there’s truly equality for all. Enough already! Let’s do what should’ve been done long ago. Let’s throw off the vestiges of white America’s Confederate heritage and truly provide justice for all our people.

Bonnie Williamson

Executive Committee

Coweta County Democratic Party