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In response to a Letter to the Editor

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  • Jul. 21, 2020 - 5:03 PM

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After I read and reread Mike Merget's letter to the editor on Wednesday, I decided to not reply, as I hope the readers took his heed and have done their research on American History.

I also hope that Mr. Merget read the article submitted about the Connecting the DOTS event at the Wadsworth on Saturday evening.

People who stand up for justice and social equality are not anti-American ...the virus is not a political issue, and those folks willing to explore racism and promote anti-racism are fighting for all of humanity. Enough on that.

Recently, I have noticed a lot more dog poop around the court square and the surrounding blocks, as I live downtown, and have the privilege to walk Wilbur in some beautiful areas.

Keep Newnan Beautiful has installed many convenient bag stations where dog owners can easily grab a bag if needed.

Now that Central Baptist has completed their extraordinary and impressive addition, I respect the landscaping and lovely areas they have added. Some of my friends at CB have heard me say that Wilbur loves to sanctify his business there, but as a pet owner, I always pick up and try not to disrupt any plants or greenspace.

So one picks up their pet's poop not for them, but simply in respect for others. Just like masks during these surreal times … we wear masks to protect others, not just ourselves.

Phyllis Graham