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Kennesaw State announces honors lists

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jun. 17, 2020 - 1:54 PM

Local residents were among thousands of students named to the Kennesaw State University President’s List and Dean’s List for academic achievement during the spring semester. They included:

PRESIDENT’S LIST: Crystal Barbee of Newnan, Meghan Bouma of Sharpsburg, Claire Eskew of Sharpsburg, Lauren Lugo of Newnan, Christina Pelky of Sharpsburg, Frank Anello of Sharpsburg, Madison Duffessy of Newnan, Jonathan Griffie of Newnan, Gabriel Headley of Moreland, Natalie Jackson of Newnan, Leah Johnson of Newnan, Danielle Kronlein of Newnan, Hanna McLeod of Senoia, Anna Thongkham of Newnan, Kylee Veres of Senoia, Griffin Duncan of Newnan, Alexander Bush of Newnan, Alexander Moser of Palmetto, Ian Durr of Senoia, William Fowler of Senoia, Alex Juarez of Grantville, Kyle Morris of Senoia, David Murphy of Grantville, Eden Ricciardi of Sharpsburg, Brody Scarlett of Sharpsburg, Brianna Becerra of Senoia, Mary Daniel of Sharpsburg, Kennedie Dooley of Newnan, Juliana Fugate of Newnan, Kimberly Hatcher of Senoia, Alexis Jantosciak of Newnan, Dasha Lushington of Palmetto, Kristen Middlebrooks of Palmetto, Katherine Salha of Sharpsburg, Felipe Saray Gonzalez of Sharpsburg, Connor Shaw of Sharpsburg, Destiny Turner of Palmetto, James Bass of Sharpsburg, Breann Bracewell of Sharpsburg, Ethan Bryant of Sharpsburg, Riley Jewett of Newnan, Lillian Merriman of Sharpsburg, Tyler Ricks of Newnan, Makalah Truett of Newnan, Brooke Walker of Sharpsburg, Quameshia Wimbish of Senoia, Sumner Winkjer of Senoia, Haley Barnett of Sharpsburg, Kendall Johnson of Newnan, Olivia Masonheimer of Newnan, Seoum Aun of Senoia, Annaliese Bauer of Sharpsburg, Logan Stephens of Turin, Victoria Teague of Newnan, Brianna Hutcheson of Senoia and Alexandria Walker of Sharpsburg.

To be eligible for the President’s List, students must maintain a GPA of 4.0 while completing at least 9 hours of academic credit.

DEAN’S LIST: Michelle Yeh of Sharpsburg, Hannah Maier of Sharpsburg, Robert McCoy of Newnan, Elizabeth Schramm of Newnan, Emily Villacres of Newnan, Ryan Zimmer of Newnan, Sarah Ziegler of Newnan, Clarence Knox of Palmetto, Katherine Keller of Sharpsburg, Matthew Dwyer of Sharpsburg, Taylor Tibbits of Sharpsburg, Amanda Ives of Sharpsburg, Jordan Scruggs of Sharpsburg, Emma Dougherty of Newnan, Caleb Mayo of Newnan, Joshua Henry of Sharpsburg, Brenda Arrowood of Newnan, Nikolas Mavridis of Sharpsburg, Taylor Snyder of Newnan, Kalie Brown of Senoia, David McMeen of Sharpsburg, Skylar Hyatt of Newnan, Taylor Mock of Sharpsburg, William Thomas of Newnan, Matthew Janes of Newnan, Hannah Brown of Sharpsburg, Chandler Chin-shue of Sharpsburg, Andrea Contreras-Esquen of Sharpsburg, Kendall Coyle of Sharpsburg, Lindsey Dietz of Newnan, Timothy Faver of Sharpsburg, Maxwell Figueroa of Newnan, Karlee Groover of Newnan, Jessica Houk of Sharpsburg, Shawn Hugh of Senoia, James Johnson of Senoia, Caleb Kunkel of Palmetto, Angel Pascual Ramos of Newnan, Ansley Queen of Sharpsburg, Rylan Smith of Senoia, Alex Stephens of Newnan, Steven Tursi of Sharpsburg, Elizabeth Wieting of Newnan, Addie Miller of Newnan, Addison Pence of Senoia, Allie Edwards of Senoia, Andrew Dawson of Sharpsburg, Andrew Tiller of Sharpsburg, Austin Cosby of Newnan, Carl Mayrand of Newnan, Caroline Statzer of Newnan, Chad Holland of Sharpsburg, Chase Mason of Sharpsburg, Deanna Saunders of Newnan, Emily Kreher of Newnan, Giordano Ortiz of Newnan, Haley Lowin of Newnan, Hannah Zeise of Newnan, Henry Colomb of Moreland, Jack Burke of Newnan, Kelly Leishear of Newnan, Mary Quinteros of Sharpsburg, Nicole Heilbrunn of Sharpsburg, Rachel Boyd of Senoia, Ryan Jackson of Sharpsburg, Sydney McGraw of Sharpsburg, Cody Hein of Newnan, William Smith of Newnan, Christopher Baxter of Newnan, Karragan Stephens of Senoia, William Freudenberg of Newnan, Joshua Rechy of Grantville, Katherine Young of Newnan, Edgar Nunez of Newnan, Everett Davis of Newnan, Elizabeth Anderson of Newnan, Connor Boylen of Newnan, Dustin Terrell of Newnan, Shelby Adams of Newnan, Nicolas Crossing of Newnan, Walter Dozier of Newnan, Sabrina Jones of Newnan, Luis Rivera of Newnan, Allison Vessell of Newnan, Jayla McDaniel of Newnan, Sawyer Chaffin of Newnan, Audrey Ross of Newnan, Annslee Tokar of Newnan, Joshua Milam of Newnan, Caleb Knobloch of Newnan, Meghan Vatave of Newnan, Nicholas Daliet of Newnan, Jessica McCauley of Newnan, Sujit Patel of Newnan, Jada Davis of Palmetto, Emily Pogue of Senoia, Victoria Claps of Sharpsburg, Gianna Ormsby of Sharpsburg, Nicholas Holden of Sharpsburg, Juliana Howser of Sharpsburg, Brandon Love of Sharpsburg, Madison Kenney of Sharpsburg, Kylie Federico of Sharpsburg, Allison Joyce of Sharpsburg, Caroline Salha of Sharpsburg, Annalise Estes of Sharpsburg, Joshua Gober of Sharpsburg, Evan Castaneda of Sharpsburg, Mark Gutierrez of Newnan, Claire Geerlings of Newnan, Arabella Guerrero of Newnan, Caleb Dallas of Sharpsburg, Tyler Huggins of Newnan and Anna Harvey of Newnan.

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 while completing at least 9 hours of academic credit.