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Georgia State announces spring honors lists

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jun. 17, 2020 - 1:56 PM

Several local residents were recognized by Georgia State University for academic excellence and named to the university’s honors lists for the spring semester. They included:

PRESIDENT’S LIST: Andrew Gabriel of Senoia, Aubrie Shelton of Newnan, Anna Vikol of Sharpsburg, Bailey Knight of Newnan, Carlee Biggers of Senoia, Catherine Dalton of Newnan, Claire Fagan of Newnan, Courtney Lewis of Grantville, Caitlin Wheeler of Sharpsburg, Dyllan Barnett of Newnan, Diana Flores Valdez of Newnan, Daisy Morales of Newnan, Eshna Patel of Newnan, Giovannina Aulicky of Sharpsburg, Garrett Coulter of Senoia, Gizelle Lamastus of Newnan, Grace Sloderbeck of Newnan, Hannah Stephens of Newnan, Jeddie Biggers of Senoia, Jacob Burgess of Sharpsburg, Jinhuan Chen of Huai An, Jordan Kasulas of Sharpsburg, Jeffrey Peek of Palmetto, Jamie Sheets of Newnan, Jessica Shenning of Newnan, Jeffrey Sudmeier of Palmetto, Kirsten Cook of Palmetto, Kati Waller of Newnan, Madison Davis of Sharpsburg, Mia Williams of Sharpsburg, Nidhi Patel of Newnan, Nu Thuy Ton of Newnan, Olivia Davis of Newnan, Payton Scott of Newnan, Riah Ivy of Newnan, Rayhan Khot of Newnan, Rachel Yang of Newnan, Russell Zaring of Sharpsburg, Sarah Baldwin of Newnan, Selina Barry of Newnan, Sydney Boyd of Sharpsburg, Sabrina Dragone of Newnan, Samuel Moran of Moreland, Sean Morse of Senoia, Savanna Turley of Newnan, Tori Phillips of Newnan, Tuyen Tran of Newnan, Unnisa Suarez of Palmetto and Yebin Son of Newnan.

To be eligible for the President’s List, students must maintain a GPA of 4.0 while completing at least nine hours of academic credit, and must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.

DEAN’S LIST: Jason Allwine of Newnan; Alma Andrade of Palmetto, Katherine Angelo of Newnan, Maryam Anwar of Newnan, Marisol Aponte of Newnan, Lily Barron of Sharpsburg, Xavier Baruti of Newnan, Andrew Becham of Newnan, Kelsey Bedwell of Sharpsburg, Tyler Boatwright of Atlanta, Selma Bormann of Sharpsburg, Samantha Bourque of Sharpsburg, Sophie Boynton of Newnan, Caleigh Brand of Newnan, Arianna Burnett of Sharpsburg, Madison Cantrell of Newnan, Victoria Carlino of Newnan, Cassie Carver of Senoia; Andrew Chambers of Newnan;John Chandler of Sharpsburg, Holly Clark of Sharpsburg, Hannah Clayton of Sharpsburg, Jonathan Craig of Newnan, Cameron Doering of Newnan, Derrick Dukes of Newnan, Nicole Duncan of Newnan, Harim Echalar of Sharpsburg, Juan Escobar of Newnan, Lisa Evans of Newnan, Audri Flores of Newnan, Kristin Foley of Newnan, Bryanna Foster of Newnan, Andrew Gaillard of Newnan, Jared Gardenour of Newnan, McKinley Garner of Newnan, Stephanie Geiger of Sharpsburg, Nicole Goncerzewicz of Newnan, Viviana Gonzalez of Newnan, Jared Halus of Sharpsburg, Jordan Harris of Newnan, Adrianna Hernandez of Newnan, Steven Hernandez of Senoia, Raven Jeffress of Newnan, Junu Johnny of Sharpsburg, Alexandria Jones of Senoia, Madison Jones of Newnan, Kenneth Keohane of Sharpsburg, Kirsten Key of Newnan, Emily King of Newnan, Shan Lakhani of Newnan, DeVonte LeBlanc of Newnan, Jonghyun Lee of Newnan, Saxon LeFebvre of Sharpsburg, Christiana Lynn of Grantville, Summer Madison of Senoia, Kailyn Manning of Sharpsburg, Skyler Martin of Newnan, Leon May of Palmetto, Dyllan Maynard of Newnan, Alison McCondichie of Newnan, Davis McIntire of Newnan, Emily Miller of Senoia, John Miller of Newnan, Kendall Missel of Sharpsburg, Raegan Moore of Sharpsburg, Joshua Mullins of Newnan, Elona Musliu of Newnan, Sarah Orozco of Newnan, Katelyn Pasquarella of Senoia, Nichole Patriarca of Sharpsburg, Travis Patrick of Newnan, KiahVania Payton of Newnan, Joshua Perry of Newnan, LaCharity Phillips of Newnan, Nikelle Pinkett of Moreland, Kenya Powell of Newnan, Matthew Ralich of Newnan, Adela Reams of Senoia, Cordarious Reid of Senoia, Robert Reynolds of Palmetto, Joliyana Riddick of Newnan, Aldo Rodriguez of Newnan, Ian Ronfeldt of Newnan, Nicolas Salvatore of Sharpsburg, Yesenia Sanchez of Palmetto, Alexandra Serna of Newnan, Daniel Serna of Newnan, Heather Sewell of Newnan, Samuel Sherwood of Newnan, Savanna Smith of Sharpsburg, Dalton Snyder of Grantville, Vanessa Sparks of Newnan, Tatyana Spivey of Sharpsburg, Rebecca Thornton of Sharpsburg, Heather Ward of Newnan, Austin Weatherly of Newnan, Scarlet Webb of Newnan, Lauren Wheat of Newnan and Serena White of Newnan.

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 while completing a minimum of nine hours of academic credit, and must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.