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Use common sense, wear a mask

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 15, 2020 - 2:00 PM

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I hesitate to speak this truth to power because the truth is so apparent, and because the pandemic is so clearly in our faces that I'm reluctant but compelled to point out what ought to be patently obvious.

Whether Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, sexual or asexual, of color or not, mature or child-like, Protestant or Catholic or whosoever; All are gripped by COVID-19 in one form or another.

We are scrambling to do everything — known to man, known to doctors, scientists and even the politicians (who are proving daily that they have no political will to lead as Statesmen.)

Even the editors of major and minor media are cowering, hiding, trembling and deflecting in the face of self-evident truths concerning lessening the spread of COVID-19 virus.

The governor knows. The senators know. The publishers know. The House of Representatives knows. State representatives, mayors, managers, administrators, commissioners, councils, laity and clergy all know what the answer is, but are afraid of being criticized for pointing out an obvious although unpopular truth: wear a mask.

Wear a face covering when you are out in public. Wear some type of nose and mouth cover if you are outside of your home or vehicle. No exceptions! No excuses!

Bailiffs. Clerks. Deputies. DA’s. Officers. Presidents. Governors. Teachers. No exemptions. We have no unified message coming out of the White House.

None out of Congress nor out of the American Governor's Council. If we want to slow this national epidemic down to a crawl, even a fifth grader knows that: "Everybody must be required to wear a mask."

Do this for a prescribed two to three week period — the medical experts all agree on this timeframe, and they describe the benefits of covering up as a major viral hindrance. Aren't you as smart?

The viral spread will be lessened significantly enough that even the most illogical minds can not help but to feel safer — safer as an actual matter of fact, even if some don’t admit it. Just wear a mask. Just ask any at-risk individual their opinion of someone out in public wearing no mask.

Phone a friend, text a neighbor, co-worker, write an editor; explain this simple concept to your pastor.

Demand that your public servant holster their political loyalty and persuasion to work for a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people," which they swore (or affirmed) before God to represent.

Insist they uphold the Constitution at least for once. Now, when it counts the most in the last 100 years, wearing a mask makes the most sense. Require that everybody must wear a mask.

Ask your neighbors and friends to "work together" to do something so simple. If we are truly "In This Together,” then truly Let's Get In It Together!

If our leaders don't have common sense, then let us have enough common sense. Common sense in love of self and love of the other. Everybody: Wear a mask.

It's certainly an uncommonly simple; two-to-three-week solution in a season of uncertainty and confusion. A wise man once said, "Let all dissension and confusion cease."

I am available for any question, comment or concern.

Al Smith