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Show support for public safety with bows

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 03, 2020 - 9:06 AM

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Thursday would have been the 21st annual Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon given each year to show how much we care and appreciate all those who serve us in every agency of public safety here in Coweta County.

To say that we are heartsick that we could not provide this because of the plague that has taken hold of our nation is putting it quite mildly. However, while we can’t give them the hugs and the face-to-face gratitude, we can let them know we care and are praying for them.

This year, we also add to our public safety personnel who put their lives on the line for us, those who are in the medical fields. I, like, others who are sheltered in, want these people and their families to know we express deep gratitude, love and prayers for them.

And so, I have placed a big loyal blue ribbon along with a big red bow on my mailbox. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our town, our county would honor these people by putting out the blue and red bows on every mailbox, every home, every business, everywhere! This community is known for the love and care it gives always in every situation.

Here is the way we can at least let them know we are supporting them. Get out your red and blue bows and encourage your family, your neighbors and your friends to do the same! God has blessed us so richly with dedicated men and women who, along with their families, are sacrificing so much to give us the help we need during this critical time. Let’s show them we love them and appreciate them.

May God bless Coweta County and America and may we always remember those who are hurting and pray hard for them and their families. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT NOW with those red and blue bows!

Thank you and may God keep you and your families safely in His hands.

Norma Haynes